Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 4

This is part 4 of my Pokémon Crystal journal. You can read the first part here and the third part here. Yesterday, we failed at catching a Growlithe, and went through Union Cave. We are now in Azalea town, and so is Team Rocket. Also, I know about Sprout Tower, I do return to it later, but not for a few episodes.

So, I talk to some locals, and from what I can gather, Team Rocket is capturing Slowpokes and selling their tails. One person I talk to goes and chases the Team Rocket grunt blocking the well.

I, on the otherhand, go and catch a Zubat in some grass nearby. This is maybe not the most powerful Pokémon in the game. It’s not a Growlithe. I do actually find much better Pokémon later, but I guess I’m filling my Pokédex.

I level up my Hoothoot in Union Cave and on the docks back on the otherwise of the cave. Once I’ve done that, I travel back.

I go in the cave, finally, and Indiana Jones here tells me that he fell in here chasing the Rocket grunt, so he’s almost as paralyzed as most of the attempts at making Duke Nukem. He also tells me the Rocket grunt ran off deeper into the cave.

I go spelunking, and encounter Zubats, and get poisoned. I run back and heal up at the Pokémon center. Then I come back. There’s a ton of Team Rocket members here in the cave, so I battle a few of them, and then heal, and then battle a few of them, and then I get to the last one. I beat her too, and my Totodile has now evolved into Croconaw. And he’s wearing some kind of Flintstones outfit thing. Whatevs.

Now, I have a score to settle in that patch of grass west of Violet City. I have a Pokémon to catch. I must duel a battle to the death! I must defeat… Growlithe.

Travel back through cave, run into stuff every three steps. I make it outside, heal at the conveniently located Pokémon center. Travel north through the grass. Run into every thing that you can possibly run into. Reach the other side. Heal. Go to the Grass Patch of Destiny. *In a low, deep voice* “This holiday season, one young adventurer will travel through the mountains, to confront an ancient enemy, and renew his revenge. In one patch of grass, two legends will collide, and it will be a time… of Total War!” Get that reference? Good. Leave it in the comments. You don’t? I’m sure you’ll Google it.

Into the Grass Patch of Legends I travel. And the first thing I encounter, is a Growlithe. YOU! We meet again, young Skywalker. And this time, I’ve brought a lot of PokéBalls. That doesn’t sound awkward at all.

This time, my Croconaw uses Rage. This is an attack that starts out doing little damage, but when you use it many times in a row, it can become very powerful. This is why I chose to use this, because I have relative control over the amount of damage I deal out.

The Growlithe still scares my Croconaw off. I try again. One Rage, two Rages, and I use a PokéBall. One wiggle — heeeeheee! — two wiggles — OMG OMG OMG — three wiggles –suspense! — Ba-ding! Yuuuuush hahahaaahaaaheee hurrdeehurr! I got you you little Fudrucker! I’m gonna name you Gruffles!


So. Many. Encounters!

We then travel back to Azalea Town. I go to the Gym. This is a Bug type Gym, and I use Gruffles and Bubblez to make my way around it’s labyrinthine design. And, the gym leader’s name is, of course, Bugsy. Bugsy has a Kakuna, a Metapod and a Scyther. The Metapod and Kakuna just harden a ton of times (LoLz) which doesn’t sound the least bit awkward. The Scyther uses Leer and Quick Attack on me a lot, but my Growlithe and Croconaw manage to take her out. I then get my second badge, which allows me to use level 30 Pokémon without them running away. I also get Fury Cutter, which is an attack similar to Rage which doubles its damage each consecutive hit.

Thanks for reading! In the next part, we will be going through a spooky forest, and make it to Goldenrod City.
Did you have much trouble catching a Growlithe or any other Pokémon? Please tell me in the comments below! I hope you’ve been enjoying this series, and be sure to read the next part tomorrow! Press that “subscribe” button, or perhaps that “follow” button, doing that is a lot easier than catching Growlithes, or indeed much easier than trying to catch a Ghastly, but it’s pretty much as rewarding! I would appreciate it if you click the “like” button, too.

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