Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 3

This is the third part of my Pokémon Crystal playthrough, you can find the first part here and the second part here. In the last part, we traveled through an endless sea of random encounters and trainers. We then reached Violet City, where we took on it’s Gym of Flying-type Pokémon trainers, and made are way to Falkner, the Gym leader. He was equipped with a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto, which is the evolved for of Pidgey. I took both down with my Totodile, with the help of Rage and a few basic attacks.

So, I received my first badge! Falkner also gave me TM 31, which contains Mudslap. Now, I walk outside, and I get a phone call. It tells me that I need to meet Elmo in the PokéMart. So I run over there. Elm is inside, (what, you think he wasn’t gonna be in there?) and he gives me an egg. Oh this is turning into a Nintendo pet game, is it? Do I look like I play NintenDogs?


Trainers. Nuff said.

And then, I go north, to Route 36. I’m here to catch a very specific Pokémon, one that balances out my Totodile. There’s a little patch of grass on the north side of the road. I walk into it. I walk around in circles in it. I walk around in — Yes! Encounter! A Bellsprout! No! I don’t care about you Bellsprout! I kill you! Grgrgruurrgraahglurglugglies… Ha! I killed you with my Hoothoot! Level up!

Now, let’s walk around some more! Hello? Here Poké-Poké-Pokémon! Ah ha! A flippin’ Bellsprout! No! I kill you! You stupid son of a biscuit! Get the fudge out of my sight, and leave me alone forever.

Walking in circles. It’s the circle of life. Then the battle tune plays! Doodlideedoodlitie dum, dum dububudbudabe-bah. I swear, if this is a bellsprout… But no! A majestic, red fox with fluffy fur all over. Growlithe! You’re the one I’ve been searching for for my entire three minutes I’ve spent in the grass! Mwuahahahahaheeeeeeee!

Hoothoot! Don’t kill him! Just peck him very softly… his health is starting to get low, but my Hoothoot’s isn’t far behind, so I throw a PokéBall. Whaggle, wiggle, waggle, POP! “Darn! It was so close!” >¦( “Enemy Growlithe gets a critical hit on Sucky Hoothoot!” …I am not amused.

And then, I heal my Pokémonz and come back with my Totodile, Bubblez, in my top slot. I’m worried that my Totodile will be too powerful. Several Bellsprouts later, I find another Growlithe. Scratch, Bite, Scratch, and then, “Enemy Growlithe used Roar!” “Bubblez fled in fear!” :O ARE YOU FLUFFING NUTS?! YOU SON OF A BANDWAGON BISHOP! Okay, calm down, maybe he won’t do it next time.

The next encounter is a Growlithe, so that’s two in a row. This time, I get him low, and I use two PokéBalls and fail. Roar. I encounter him one more time. Totodile critical hits the Growlithe. He faints. Ooooohhh. Myyyyy. Gooodnesssssshhh. You know what? Screw that! I’m moving on. Yup.

I go to the Runes of Alph. I solve the picture puzzle. I fall into the hole. I fight a ton of Unown until I figure out that you can get out through the ladder-looking thing in the middle. I then learn I can get items if I use an escape rope. I get an escape rope, come back, and get the items. I head south. A guy gives me a Miracle Seed. Nice.

I know I could’ve gotten an Onyx in town if I had caught a Bellsprout and traded it, but I didn’t care too much, so I didn’t.

Trainer, grass, encounter, grass, encounter, trainer, cave, trainer, cave encounter, cave trainer encounter, get an item, encounter, go outside, and go to the PokéCenter. Yay! Made it to the next town! There’s some guy blocking a cave! That’s fine by me, I don’t want anymore caves right now! There’s an identical guy blocking the Gym! Great!

Next time, we take on Team Rocket, save Slowpokes, and go to the next Gym! Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment down below, you can use your Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress account to comment, or comment anonymously. Please “like” this article if you enjoyed, and subscribe or follow if you want more!

I hope I was humorous enough? I would really appreciate any feedback, and you can also follow me on Twitter @Dog_G6. Thanks for reading, this has become my most popular series of articles, and has broken my view record by a very big number. Thank you very much!

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