Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 2

This is the second part of my Pokémon Crystal Journal. You can read the first part here. In the last part, I created my character, named him Hondo, got Totodile, Went to Mr. Pokémon’s house, got PokéBalls and fought Rihanna.

(my rival. I named him Tribec in the game, a reference to Jeopardy and SNL. He has red hair, so my nickname for him is Rihanna.)

So, what were we doing? Leaving the Shire? Right. So, I walk. And then I walk some mo — RANDOM ENCOUNTER! Totodile! (I forgot to mention, I named him Bubblez.) Use Level Grind! I murder this Pokémon, or although it says I make it faint. I’m so strong, I’m like Pokémon Bear Grylls yo. There ain’t no way that Pokémon is alive.


Such a pretty pixelized lake.

So, I reach Cherrygrove City, and then I leave it, headed for Violet City. Then, there’s all these dudes at a narrow point in the road. Then this one kid is like “I did worse than a modern RareWare game! [Ooooh!] Hey, you look like the Aqua Man: Battle for Atlantis of Pokémon trainers! [Woooooowieee!] Let’s battle!” Okay, maybe he didn’t say that exactly , but pretty close. (Sorry, I already used up all my Final Fantasy XIV jokes in another article.) I also get this guy’s phone number, and for the rest of the game, I will be hearing about how big and tough his Rattata is.

And once that is over, I fight a few more trainers with Bubblez, and occasionally Hoothoot pitches in so he can get half of the XP. It did take some time to get past all of those trainers. But then I run into some more. I have Totodile eat a berry, so he heals up a little bit. Then, once I’ve had my Pokémon nom the berries, we travel through some more grass. Random encounter. Walk some more. Random encounter. Make it away from the grass. More grass. Get through that. Walk into town. Heal up. Yaaay I’m in town! I think Tribec showed up at some point during my stay in Violet City, but I can’t remember when. I’ll probably figure it out later.

Before going to the first Pokémon Gym, I level up my Hoothoot and Totodile some more outside of town. I also pick a berry. I think it was a PSNcureberry. Uh oh, Sony’s sneaking in the game. I’m just kidding, it is supposed to stand for “poison,” but I know an XBLcureberry must be nearby.

Then, I hit the Gym, so to speak.

So, there’s trainers ALL OVER DA PLACE! Some old guy is trying to give me advice on how to use my Nyan Cat to fight Chuck Norris and Captain America at the same time, and I walk in front of a trainer. Uh oh.

So, these are Flying-type trainers. They mainly use Pidgeys, which my Totodile handles with ease. I’m not going to use my Hoothoot, as Flying vs. Flying would just be boring and hard. I take out one, and then all of the rest. I then heal again and come back, and fight the Gym leader, Falkner.

Falkner has a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto. The Pidgeotto is the evolved form of Pidgey, and is much harder to beat. I still take him down, though, and win my first badge.

Thanks for reading, I’ve decided I will try to write one part per day. Also, those screenshots did appear, so I’m able to use them now, so these articles will be enhanced with HD screenshots of 8-bit games.

Please like, comment and subscribe. If you really enjoyed it, I would appreciate if you told your friends. Thank you very much for reading! READ PART 3

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