Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 1

I play Pokemon Crystal. Not much else to know.

So, there’s a dude, named Professor Oak, who says I have to set my clock if I want to work at McDonald’s. So I set my clock.

I also name myself Hondo, which no one will get the reference unless they read a lot of Westerns. I’m in my room, apparently, and I can go downstairs, apparently. Do I do that. My mom is down here. I talk to her, and she gives me her phone number. Phone mechanic Introduce!

I go next door to the Pokémon center, where I meet Professor Elm. He tells me to screw off and go travel to a forest and talk to more dudes. Outside, there’s also some red-headed girl — WHAT?! THAT’S A GUY? Are you messing with me Nintendo?

Oh, I get to choose my Pokémonz? Totodile! I choose you! Totodile is, of.course, a Water-type Pokémon, and this turns out to be a good balance for me later in the game, when I get a certain Pokémon.

So, I leave New Bark Town and travel to Mr. Pokémon’s house, which is north of Cherrygrove City, and meet Mr. Pokémon (good name) and Professor Oak. I get a phone call from Elm saying that New Bark Town has turned into a Micheal Bay film.


I come back into Cherrygrove city, and when I go east out of town, Rihanna (haha that’s almost a creative joke) stops me, and we battle. I beat his face in with my Totodile, and continue on back to New Barktown.

So, I talk to Professor Elm, and then I go to leave on an adventure to Hyrule, and some dude just gives me PokéBalls.

It’s a cold, dark night as I make my way towards Cherrygrove City and beyond. I manage to catch a Hoothoot, a Flying-type owl Pokémon that only comes out at night.

This conclude’s the first part of my Pokémon Crystal playthrough. The second part can be found here. I hope you enjoyed, and I’d appreciate it if you commented, liked and maybe even a follow or a subscribe. You can comment using your Facebook, Twitter or WordPress account. Please share this with your friends if you really enjoyed it, and thanks for reading!

Also, I would like to thank Chuggaaconroy for his great Pokémon Let’s Play videos, which helped me a lot in figuring out what Pokémon I wanted to catch and where. You may find his channel at youtube


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