A Blog for the Buscus

So, one of my good friends on Twitter and reader of my blog, (yeah, don’t worry about her not being awesome, some of my awesomeness probably rubbed off on her) has started a blog on Tobuscus news. Now, of course I watch a lot of Let’s Plays, so I’ve been a fan of Toby Turner for about a year, since I started watching Cute Win Fail, his weekly AFV-style YouTube series, because, c’mon, who doesn’t like people falling on their faces every week? And then, I started watching his Crysis 2, Minecraft and Fallout 3 Let’s Play’s, and a good amount of Terraria while I was at it.

Toby Turner

Toby Turner (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

So, since I’m basically selling you on checking out this blog, which you should since I told you to and no intelligent being (except for Chuck Norris, of course) can resist bending to my every whim, go look at the blog. (Please?) If you’re already a fan of Toby Turner, then you probably already clicked this conveniently located link, and I congratulate you.

And if for some reason that one doesn’t work for you, here’s an even convenient-er link: tobyturneraudience.weebly.com

Thanks for reading, and stay classy, people of Earth. Also, to make your life so much better, you might try that “like” button below, or leave a comment, or, if you wanna be like Chuck Norris, click that “SUBSCRIBE” button on the panel to the right. Thanks for reading, and as Toby would say, BLESS YOUR FACE! BOOP!


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