Zenonia 3: A Legendary Free Mobile RPG

Recently I came across Zenonia 3, it’s not the newest entry in the Zenonia series but it’s the one I decided to start on. You play as Chael, a boy who is magically sent to Midgard, a realm that exists between Earth and Heaven. He must then find a way to return home, grinding on tons of monsters and fetch quests along the way.

You can choose from four different classes at the start — two melee and two ranged — each one unique. I’ve been playing as a Shadow Hunter, which is the agile evasive melee class. All the gear you find is for your class, so you only have to deal with useless weapons unique to your class — I’m kidding, actually, a very large percentage of what you find is useful and you’ll probably want to equip it right away. Your weapons and armor do change your appearance, although with armor many times it just has the same look with different coloring. This doesn’t bother me a whole lot, as the armor looks really cool anyways, and the design of your armor will change up quite a bit. The weapons look very different, although I do suppose quite of them are a color change, but they’re so small, you just care that the new red and black color makes you look like you know how to throw down.

I really haven’t used the food barely at all yet, and I’m level 45 as of this writing, but it does look like it can give you some useful temporary stat buffs. I mainly use potions, but I do have a few recipes I should probably use to turn my full inventory of ingredients (each general item type has it’s own inventory) into some actually useful food.

The crafting system is pretty deep, and there’s a ton of stuff to make. You can cook, brew potions, make armor, refine it, make sheath stones for it, make weapons to refine and create sheath stones for. You can mine the raw minerals from ore veins you find in the wilderness, which can give you bronze, iron, thorium, and gems such as sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. You have to either find the combine scrolls (the blueprints) or buy them, and then you add all the ingredients together. You don’t always succeed, but you succeed most of the time and you can use magical powder to increase your chances.

The game runs pretty good most of the time, and my phone, as far as android standards go, really isn’t that good. My phone is like the Android equivalent of Final Fantasy XIV. (That’s a joke, ladies and gentlemen) I do have a weird glitch with the “continue” screen, where it says I’ve played for 11929919 hours — I think I have most of the numbers right — I think it’s just a display glitch and some of those numbers are correct. The minute counter works fine. I have played dozens of hours, so two of those digits are probably not screwing with me, and from what I’ve observed, it seems like it’s the furthest two to the right. I do occasionally have some lag, which usually can be fixed by restarting the game, but I’m sure the rest of you who don’t have Final Fantasy Online Android equivalents won’t have any problems whatsoever. I just hope when I try to play Zenonia 4 my phone won’t collapse like all the attempts at making a new Battlefront game.

The story seems interesting so far, although maybe a little lengthy and inconsistent, because of all the grinding you’ll need to do. Really, to me at least, that’s a large part of RPGs, is that your always trying to get some loot and Max out your skill trees. Look at Morrowind, my absolute favorite RPG, (probably one of the most interesting and lore-stuffed RPG story ever) you don’t just come off the boat with hardly any equipment and go beat the crab (see what I did there?) out of Dagoth Ur. In Elder Scrolls, actually doing all the “sidequests” might be the main thing for you, or hunting for Drastic armor, or becoming grandmaster of both House Hlaalu and the Moray Tong. (like me) You’re free to do what you want, but doing the story rewards you with cool swords. Zenonia 3 has a somewhat reversed way of doing things, but still very fun. You are rewarded for doing sidequests, but to unlock all the new areas and gain your freedom, or at least limited freedom, you must progress through the story. But competing the story is actually only the start of the game. You can only get to level 60 until you beat the story. Then, you go through Hard and eventually Hell mode. This “new game plus” works into the story, where you’re sent back in time, and you do the story again to see the “true” ending. Hard and Hell mode is when you get the really cool loot. You can go up to level 90 in Hard mode and you can go to level 99 in Hell mode. Now, I’m level 48 already, and I’ll tell you how I level up really fast soon. So, as you can see, your “beating the storyline” is only the start. Then you also have PvP and the Execution Room.

The Execution Room, by the way, is how I level up really fast. It’s basically a series of dungeons with gradually increasing difficulty, which you can play solo or in an asynchronous “co-op” mode. Since yesterday, I’ve gone up fifteen levels doing the Execution Room with player characters that are about twelve levels below me. I went up a level-and-a-quarter each round of dungeons I went through, and got some awesome loot, including some stat-buffing fur armor. I’ve only gotten to the 20th floor of the first dungeon, so I haven’t even beaten it yet. I’ve been doing co-op, and I usually pick either a Shaman or a Slayer, as they seem to survive the longest. Try to tank for them, because you’ll usually live longer than they do.

So, this is a game I think is of a really high quality, the whole series is now offered to you for free, and the gameplay is just fantastic. Sure, there’s some grinding, but that’s what the KRPG genre is all about. The classes are varied, the loot is awesome to get, the crafting is deeper than something really deep, (you’re supposed to laugh there…) and it has a story of grand adventure, where it’s about the grind- loot- and action-filled journey, than the destination, because once you’ve gotten to the destination, you get to do it again with better loot, so you can find an even cooler destination once you beat the story again and see the “true” ending. It’s the biggest eleven megabits and $0.00 I’ve spent in a very long time.

Zenonia 3: 9.75/10

This is an absolutely fantastic game, and you get much, much more than what you pay for. (Technically, an infinite amount) With a few flaws, which are very minor — some occasional control issues and a somewhat slow storyline — I rate this game very high. You have to take into account, they may not have been aiming for the best story ever, but what they were trying to accomplish they hit spot on. GAMEVIL is a veteran at making good RPGs, so take it from me and try it your self.

I’ll give you links to both the Android and the iOS version. Please like, comment, and if you want to become an ultimately happy person, and if you want a life that doesn’t dead-end like every Valve game series, then press that “subscribe” button over to the right or the “follow” button on the top of the screen. You can also follow me on Twitter @Dog_G6. Thanks for reading.

Android Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamevil.zenonia3.global

iOS Version on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zenonia-3/id414830024?mt=8

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