The Ultimate List of Free Mobile RPGs You Shan’t Ignore

Something advantageous to my readers, is I get bored. And when I get bored, I go on a quest of Bear Grylls proportions to find a stockpile of good games. And when I find good games, I’m compelled to write about them. And when I write about them, you come and — I think you get the general idea.

So, in a feat Bear Grylls would approve, I went on a pilgrimage of intense faith through 68 miles of steep rocky glacier to discover the deep truth about all living things around us.  (I extended my arm about a foot-and-a-half and grabbed my Android off my desk, Googled “Android RPGs”, and as any true gamer will understand, I found a list of information pretty much as important as a secret about the nature of life; a huge list of games.

I’ve tried a few of them, so here’s a list of my favorites and their name will be linked to their Play Store site (most of these games are on the iTunes store also, just search them I’m sure you’ll find them):

Zenonia 3 As the title suggests, the developers can count to three. (*Cough* Valve, Relic *cough*) It also suggests that it’s the third entry in the KRPG series. This is not the newest one, the fourth one is already out and the fifth is about to be released.

I will be reviewing all games in the series as I play them, as they’re awesome, which is probably what you wanted to know. It has a nice art style, really fun real-time action-stuffed fast-paced combat, cool loot and crafting system, online PVP, and a touching story of romance, friendship and unlikely heroes who grind fetch quests. There’s some humorous writing too, like after you beat a particular boss — which I had to go grind sidequests before I could beat him — Runa (your fairy friend who helps you a long the game and gives you passive elemental damage bonuses) says “do you have any idea how long we had to grind to beat this guy?”

This game is extremely fun, and you get a pretty good amount of useful loot. It’s only about ten Mbs big, but it packs a ton in there. I’ve played about twenty hours or so and I’m only level thirty, and the level cap is ninety. Now, a word of advice: do the sidequests, unless you’re either The Rock or you want to have to grind to be able to get past the bosses. Now, if you pay for microtransactions, you can ease the death penalty, which would normally costs you a percentage of your gold and equipment durability. The microtransactions aren’t in anyway essential, and you can play all of the game totally fine without paying a cent, and the only ads are on the main menu when you first boot up the game. This game really is good, and you really should get it.

Star Trader RPG, a space trading sim inspired by EVE, Master of Orion and Star Traders, is a really good game for those who enjoy space trading sims (like me) such as the X series, Elite, and Master of Orion.

The goods you can trade aren’t extremely varied, but do have generalized goods, and even illegal goods for those who want to go Han Solo and play a smuggler. What gives the trading depth, though, are the many different events that affect prices of commodities, and therefore your profit. (assuming you go for a life of trading. You can live your digital life as an explorer, bounty hunter, military soldier, spy, or criminal mastermind) There can be simple things like shortages or surpluses, which can quadruple your money if you find one of those at the start, or better yet, use both to bump the decimal over a few; and big faction events, such as embargoes, wars and alliances.

Your reputation with each faction also has an effect, and trading illegal goods or attacking faction ships will lower your reputation, while taking on contracts (quests) raises your reputation. Your standing with the faction will determine what price you’ll pay for goods, so it’s best to stay on the good side of most factions, unless you have to choose sides like in a war. Sometimes, it’s hard, because different factions dissaprove of trading different things, and some aren’t strict and some are extremely strict. In one case my reputation with the Cadar was at negative seventy-five, which made me a “criminal mastermind.” At that point the faction who hates you will place a bounty on you and send mercenaries to come exercise your life insurance.

The combat and exploration parts of the game aren’t very graphically exciting nor are they particularly action packed, but the penalties of losing make it where trading in deep space becomes very exciting and even more nerve racking when your hold is full of expensive illegal goods and military ships or pirates show up. This is a very difficult game, so only you hardcore bawses will appreciate it.

If you really like the free version, and want to support the developers (two brothers made the whole game) you can buy the Elite version for $1.99, which adds hundreds of new planets and ships, and thousands of new sectors.

The Infinite Black is a space MMORPG that draws inspiration from EVE, but this isn’t an EVE clone. (yeah, one of the few space MMOs that doesn’t totally copy EVE ) It  draws inspiration from EVE, such as the brutality, scope and importance of PvP, Corps and Aliiances, but for the most part, this game is very much like electronic competitive D&D in space.

I’m currently an officer in a large corp, which is part of a huge alliance. Alliances get their own planets which they can terraform and level up. You have to be in an alliance to buy the ships higher than the battleship, so if you want I’ll be glad to let you join if you message me in game, my username is “DogG6”, of course.

You play the game from a galactic overview map, with graphical representations of events in the background. For the most part, you don’t know what’s in the “sectors” around you, making the PvP areas of space (PvP makes up the majority of the galaxy) very exciting, because you never know when you might get jumped by a huge alliance fleet. This is why it’s best to be in a good corp, which preferably should be part of a good and large alliance, that way you have backup.

What’s nice, is the premium currency can be obtained from looting or you can buy it from other players for a relatively small price, and the developers are very good at letting players determine what happens in the galaxy and the prices of goods. This isn’t like RuneScape where the devs keep you on short economic leashes, “no exploiting other players like it’s a real economy or anything, or we will kill everyone you love.” Don’t take that the wrong way, I do really like RuneScape, it’s a really good 3D MMORPG, especially for a browser one.

Inotia 3 is made by another developer that can count to three. It’s an RPG similar to Zenonia, but with a slightly different combat system and it has a “party” system, which means you basically have multiple characters at one time. It’s NOT turn-based, it’s real-time, with the characters your not controlling being controlled by a smart AI. You can switch between party members at any time, so for the most part you don’t really have to worry about picking the wrong class at the start. I’ve only played a little bit into the main story, so I’m going to have a seperate review once I finish it. (I’m going to do individual comprehensive reviews on each of the games listed here)

It has a unique artstyle that’s somewhere between anime-cartooney and photo-realistic. I haven’t been able to figure out the story yet, but you do start off with two characters, the one you create and your caring soon-to-be girlfriend, and random stuff happens making you go kill a lot of stuff and get rid of most of the wildlife around you.

The party system seems to work very well so far, and the AI is pretty smart, plus you manage how much you want the your AI companions to use certain skills, so you can have your healer let the rest of the party get beat up a little bit or be Dr. Oz. The developers really made sure that their free game is treated with better-than-average care. If you like Final Fantasy games or Dungeon Siege, check this one out. I said so.

Galaxy Hero is an RPG shmup (Shoot ’em Up) game that has levelling, unlockable guns, and a huge galaxy to grind in. You go from system to system, shooting the heck out of a buffet of baddies, level up and get new gear and upgrades, then do it all again. The game has some cool retro graphics, cool music, and lots of different elemental damage types.

After a little while it may get a little repetitive, and you will probably have to grind some missions over a few times. But if you like shooting the fudge out of baddies like in oldschool arcade shooters, then you probably won’t care to much. Shooting stuff is just fun. Farmville could use some of it. Maybe a Farmville/Dead Space hybrid would be nice, huh? I have no idea how that’s even supposed to work.  So yeah, try this game, you shoot stuff, it’s like how Borderlands is an awesome hybrid of FPS and RPG, this is an awesome hybrid of shmup and RPG.

Please, comment and tell me about what games you would like to see on a list, you can use your Twitter, Facebook or WordPress account to comment. If you liked this post, which you absolutely did, then spam that “like” button and if your really hardcore take that “subscribe” button on the right for a test spin 😉

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