Critical Strike Portable: a Promising Browser FPS

Recently, I have started playing Critical Strike Portable, which is a browser/iOS/Android port/remake, essentially, of Counter Strike 1.6. Needless to say, I enjoy it quite a bit, even with only a small amount of unlocks in the form of skins (what your character looks like) and a ranking system. Of course, I am a total baws on this game, as I am with most FPSs. I will say, however, I’m only average on BeGone, which is another Unity browser FPS I’ve played since it’s humble beginnings, and has grown quite a bit.

I think it’s the very large amount of kick on the guns, and I probably need to turn the sensitivity up to counter that.

CS Portable

Of course, you have some classic Counter Strike maps such as Dust.

Anyways, getting back 0n track, CS Portable was created by Igor Levochkin, who regularly updates the game. The game is also available on Android and iOS, and it’s free. That’s actually where I found it, but my phone isn’t very powerfull, so most maps I have lag on, so I just play the PC version anymore. Your account carries over across all versions of the game, and if you want, you can play against people on the other platforms, or just limit the server browsing to servers on your platform.

This is a tactical shooter, just like Counter Strike is, so if your accurate, people die really fast. I actually prefer tactical shooters over shooters where you have to shoot the custard outta whoever your trying to kill, especially if it’s one of those games where a maxed out dude will turn around and oneshot you. I’m good enough at getting headshots in UberStrike that, at least in that game, I don’t have much of that problem.

The shooting in CS Portable feels very solid, and there’s tons of player-made maps and a whole crab-bucket of game modes, my favorite of which are ZombieMod, which is where the Terrorist team starts off with either one or a couple zombies who are trying to infect the CounterTerrorist players, who are trying very hard to bunnyhop across rooftops to avoid being nommed. Make sure to aim at the zombies’ heads if you want to be effective. When you’re a zombie, you will notice many people — some of them possibly aimhacked, many are just pro (like me ;D) — who will kill you rediculously fast compared to the rest of the people, and this is because they are pumping the shotgun and AK shells into your face getting tons of headshots. I believe one sniper shot to the head inflicts 500 points of damage, and even with the usually tough zombies, this can end your buffet pretty quick.


This is one of the most solid browser shooters, and one of the most solid mobile and cross-platform shooters also. It’s accessible, but it is also a very good game, it’s free, and I haven’t found any microtransactions whatsoever. If you like Counter Strike, or tactical shooters in general, you should try this game even if you have a decked-out Alienware desktop. The only thing that may turn you off, is the graphics, although those can be improved through the settings menu, I just have them low so it runs smooth. So go click that link below, join a server, scrolls over someone’s face with a shotgun, go clickey-clickey, and enjoy.

You can play this game on Kongregate at The game does not use your Kongregate account, you make a dedicated CS Portable account which shares data across all platforms, which more games should use. My Kongregate account is “dogg6” and my CS Portable account is “dog_g6”, so if you come around a corner and you get point-blank oneshot in the face with a shotgun,  and it says “dog_g6 headshot > thelatewhateveryournameis” then I expect I’ll be called a haxor and you’ll troll by blog for all eternity, a sign of a job well done for me >;)


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