TES Online: Lore to Leverage

I was watching some videos on the Aethernautics plug-in for Skyrim, and it reminded me of an interesting subject of the Elder Scrolls: it’s lore. I started thinking about the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil, and the Dwemer, and how rich the Elder Scrolls is with lore. Morrowind is when Bethesda got really serious with the lore, and created all kinds of used and unused history and lore. For me, I loved Morrowind’s story and the mysterious nature of it, especially surrounding the Tribunal and the expansion of the same name, which involves travelling to Mournhold.

Now, The Elder Scrolls Online is set 1000 years before Skyrim, and 800 years before Oblivion and Morrowind. That puts it in the Second Era. A spoiler here if you’re going to play Morrowind and don’t know it’s story, so just skip to the next paragraph: Sotha Sil, the Tribunal God, was killed at the end of the main Tribunal (expansion) storyline. You really only got to explore a few small rooms of the Clockwork City.

So, I believe that this could be an interesting part of the plot if they did implement it in TES Online; the Clockwork City and Sotha Sil, and the Tribunal in general. It takes place in a very good timeline lore-wise. SPOILER: Sotha Sil didn’t go mad yet, and yes, he is a god even that far back. Maybe the Clockwork City could be a dungeon for TES Online. Nobody knows where it actually is, but it many rumors all point that it’s in the eastern part of Tamriel. This could be an interesting plot ingredient for players of the Ebonheart Pact in TES Online.

Another thing that would be interesting to explore would be the Dwemer, and they disappeared in the First Era, so the game still takes place after they go poof, but maybe since it’s still a whole lot closer to when they vanished, story-wise more of their machines could be still working. To me, the Dwemer and the Clockwork City were such mysterious and cool parts of the lore. It’s a huge mystery, and it’s rare that games have just plain curiosity and wonder involved in their settings.

Since one of the big parts of the Elder Scrolls games is their amazing stories and lore, I think that if Zenimax Online leveraged some of the interesting parts of lore that take place in that timeline, then they may even be able to draw some of the more reluctant players who aren’t quite sure if they want to play the Elder Scrolls-themed MMO.

So, please leave some feedback on lore areas you think would be interesting to explore. The Elder Scrolls universe is incredibly rich, and those writers went totally crazy making awesome settings and storylines.

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