Noob Rental Review – Sleeping Dogs

  Hello all! I swear, so help me, I am back from all my unscheduled hiatus….es…. I’m back, and if anything else blows up, I’m just going to ignore it this time. 🙂 So, welcome my friends, to my review of Sleeping Dogs!

Sleeping Dogs

This game was another pleasant surprise for me. For some reason, it kind of reminded me of Grand Theft Auto – which I never really liked all that much. It does have some similar elements, but I think what sets Sleeping Dogs apart, and the reason I ended up liking it, is the major difference in the story line.

I really loved playing as Wei Shen – who happens to be a pretty bad*ss undercover cop. He gets in with the Triad to try and bring them down, but the lines begin to blur a little.

You also get experience in three different forms, depending on the missions you do – Cop, Triad, and Face. You get Face rep by completing tasks for the citizens in Hong Kong.

I usually don’t play too many games that involve vehicles. Mainly because I have a bad habit of crashing headfirst into all kinds of things when I have to drive from place to place – people and buildings and in general things you would think I would manage to *not* crash into because they’re so huge and obvious – but I do anyway. Bad, bad hand-eye coordination. Very bad.

Ninja goldfish, remember?

My Photos by

However, anytime I jump into a vehicle in this game the controls are smooth. I don’t know if it’s just my perception of it, but it feels like they aren’t as sensitive to the tiniest nudge in any direction. So I’ve managed to avoid too many civilian casualties.

And, I have to say, I am thankful there’s no shooting while aiming while running while trying not to cuss myself into some level of skill in an alternate universe where that’s possible. For me, I love the battle in this game because….


The beatings will continue until morale improves

Oh yes, my friends – hours of melee fun await! Sometimes there is a little bit of a button mashing feel to it, but it’s still a lot of fun. You can use a weapon if you want to, but usually it’s just some seriously awesome hand to hand melee. You can kick, punch, throw, and run people into objects and walls. And it gets pretty brutal sometimes – especially when you use things in the environment to take people out.

You aren’t exactly stealthy as you wander around Hong Kong, though. The enemies see you coming a mile away. But it really doesn’t matter too much once you have your hands on them. 🙂

funny cat behind scared dog its behind me isn't it caption photo

I also like the big map, the good graphics, and the level of customization you can do with your character. You can spend your money on clothes (some of which increase experience gains down one of the three experience paths), vehicles, massages/food/drink (which increase certain experience gains for a time or offer protection/melee boosts).

There are also all kinds of little extras to collect around Hong Kong that also increase your money and skills.

The camera is annoying sometimes – especially when you need to make a tight turn with your vehicle, or in some places when you’re fighting.

And, although there is an auto-save, which is awesome – there is also my beloved save file option where you can actually start where you left off for the most part. It does take you back to your apartment though.

happy cat

My rating for Sleeping Dogs: Cash-Worthy – I had a lot of fun with this one. If you like games similar to Grand Theft Auto, I’d say definitely try this one out.


My rating system:

Epic – I am on my way to buy it RIGHT NOW. Do not get between me and my game, and nobody gets hurt… We needs our fix… Our preciouses…

Cash-Worthy – Good stuff. Definitely worthy of a place of honor on my shelf. It will never end up as a coaster.

Rental – It’s alright. I may buy it if it’s on sale someday. I suggest renting it first, because you may love it or you may hate it. It could go either way.

Coaster – My wallet is crying, and I’m running a google search in another window on making wind chimes out of discs.



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