Noob Rental Review – Spec Ops: The Line

  Hello all! I have officially returned from my tree-murdering sabbatical! 🙂

  (Pretend that’s an exploding tree – because of all the things you can find on the internet, for some reason I couldn’t find a picture of one…. Well… But I guess chances are there was a tree growing somewhere in the area shown, so it counts, right?)

So this week I played Spec Ops: The Line. 🙂

I had an extra week to play this one, which was nice – especially because FPS games seem to be growing on me. They are still second to my beloved RPG’s though.

I played this in campaign mode, rather than multiplayer. I think I actually liked this one more than Ghost Recon – but only because the story got my attention better. It’s dark, and there are some definite moral dilemmas piling up. I’m still wondering what the heck is going on, and how it’s going to end, and have already renewed the game. This one may be a keeper ladies and gentlemen – for once I want to buy a FPS.

I also liked the characters a little more – probably due to the story. I like the random things the two team members say sometimes when you’re wandering around Dubai.

Also, this game does not mess around. They do not hold your hand (much to my sadness because I can’t aim to save my life… in this case literally…) I’m on “normal” and am more often than not having tantrums because I’m getting mercilessly pwned.



That’s actually pretty accurate.

The hardest difficulty level, which starts out locked, is FUBAR.

Yeah, I can totally see why they would call it that.

Perhaps this game is only that challenging for me because I have the average hand/eye coordination of a highly trained goldfish.

A ninja goldfish.

My Photos by   (Lol, I could find this… but I couldn’t find an exploding tree.)

There is a moment where you are separated from the two members of your team, and have only one gun with no ammo – a great example of the difficulty and good AI. They came around my cover to get me from both directions, and I had to take turns meleeing, picking up ammo, shooting. Finally, I noticed the convenient shotgun leaning against the wall, but I had to leave cover to get it. Then it was back to melee, head shot, melee the other direction, step on them (“execute” option), head shot, repeat. Slipping in and out of cover because people are still shooting at you from a distance. Surprisingly, this was a lot of fun.

The controls are all user-friendly, and quick. And you can also give your team members commands, which helps with avoiding the pwnage (for me at least). They also shout warnings when someone is coming after you specifically.

I’d definitely say check this one out. It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

My Spec Ops: The Line Rating: Cash-Worthy, with Epic potential.


My rating system:

Epic – I am on my way to buy it RIGHT NOW. Do not get between me and my game, and nobody gets hurt… We needs our fix… Our preciouses…

Cash-Worthy – Good stuff. Definitely worthy of a place of honor on my shelf. It will never end up as a coaster.

Rental – It’s alright. I may buy it if it’s on sale someday. I suggest renting it first, because you may love it or you may hate it. It could go either way.

Coaster – My wallet is crying, and I’m running a google search in another window on making wind chimes out of discs.


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