Drakensang Online: Browser Dungeon Raiding

Drakensang Online

The starting town.

 I’ve played a lot of Bigpoint games, but one of my new favorites is Drakensang Online. The game is based off of Drakensang: the Dark Eye, which was a 2008 fantasy RPG. DO is 3D, and has very good graphics, too. The only thing I would complain so far about the game is the controls. I’ve just never been that big of a fan of pointing and clicking for moving around.

The combat is one of the cool features of the game, because it’s an action RPG. You have to actually aim your attacks. Since you move and attack by clicking with the mouse, many times when there’s small enemies you’ll end up going in circles around them. For me, I was able to mostly fix this by turning the graphics down so my actions weren’t delayed so much. I’m playing the melee class on my character, so I go up and have short range AoE attacks that I can use to beat the munchkin outta my enemies with. I kinda wanna play a Ranger, though, because I like bows and arrows, and the new wizard class looks pretty epic. But, because I’m melee, if I get up to you, you aren’t gonna be dodging my attacks most likely.

Drakensang Online 2

Grimagstone, a dungeon. Look at those epic lighting and water effects!

It does looks like there is PvP, although I haven’t tried it out yet so I don’t know how big it is. So far there is just one PvP server.

The environment in the game looks amazing, as you can see from the screenshots above. The dungeons are fun so far, and the combat is pretty fluid for the most part. I definetly recommend checking this game out, and if you don’t believe browser games can be too high quality, this one just might actually change your mind. You can check out the game at www.drakensang.com

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