aBlockz: Update 1.3.1

Today, the Minecraft update 1.3.1 comes out. Yeah, there’s probably a few of you who think it is just 1.3, but in Minecraft it shows otherwise. It adds a ton of features, of course, and you can read them all here.

For the aBlockz SMP server, it will take some time for the new version to be prepared and a new map generated. Yes, the map will be resetted, just so you know, so you will be losing whatever you had on the previous one. It looks, though, as if one of the aBlockz members has uploaded the previous map for you to download.

Since the changes are still taking effect, if you’re playing from the regular client, you won’t be able to play the current map if you’ve updated the client. Hopefully, though, the new version will be up and running very soon.

Go to www.ablockz.org to play the free Minecraft SMP and take part in the community, and whatever else you would want to do there. Also, there’s an epic realtime map there ­čÖé

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