What Dog’s Been Doin’ in Minecraft Part 2

This is the second part of my journal of what I’ve been doing on the aBlockz Minecraft SMP server. Read the first part here.

Apperently while I was gone my door was knocked down by a zombie. So I repair that, and decide it’s time to make a proper dwelling.

I now have a bunch of stacks of cobblestone. But I don’t want to build a proper house with that. Instead, I make the cobblestone back into smooth stone by smelting it in the furnace, then craft it into stone bricks. Stone bricks look exactly like the blocks you find in strongholds. I make a small house aboveground with the bricks, put two iron doors as my entrance, and wire them to a button with redstone. Since my button and doors are on a claim, only I can open them unless I give someone else permission. Basically, there’s no way for them to break into my house.

Since I’ve had bad luck with finding caves, I decide to go look for some somewhere else. I travel South-West over the river for a while, and find a hill with a huge cave. The cave has several different paths, and I choose one with a waterfall. Going down I find torches and wood. Someone’s already been here? Awww. But no, that’s not it. This is an abandoned mine shaft! I’m sure it’s been explored somewhat by the person living right above it, but it still seems to have been mostly untouched.

I travel through a few levels of it, and I stop to eat some fish. I turn around, and someone in iron armour has a bow and is watching me. I run behind a pillar, and then start placing a bunch of torches and jumping over a pit into another cave. This is the person who lives above here apparently. “Er, is it okay if I explore here?” I say. “Yeah sure,” he says. Fweew. I was not in the mood to lose all my stuff.

I travel through a bunch of different levels, and this place is absolutely huge. I find one of the caves branching off of it which has a lake in it, and it seems that it leads down to the diamond layer. Yaaay!!!


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