Realm of the Mad God: Fantasy Shooter MMO

Since the computer I’m currently on can’t play Minecraft and it’s mind-numbingly slow, I decided to see if there’s any new multiplayer flash games on Kongregate. (My favorite flash game portal. I’ve had my account, dogg6, for about 6 years.) I found a cool one called Realm of the Mad God, which is a pixel art MMO fantasy shooter. It has a unique class system, where you start off with a wizard, and then a priest, and from their every other class has certain requirements to unlock, such as “priest level 20” “rogue level 10” and so on. There are a ton of classes, and each one plays differently as you would expect.

It’s sort of like having an open-world Gauntlet that’s more in the style of something like BubbleTanks (another of my favorite flash game series) control wise. You aim and shoot with the mouse, move with WASD, and you have a small menu on the side for managing loot and parties and stuff.

The character system is very unique. When you first start off, you have a randomely named character, (I found out you can actually name your character on the character selection screen) and any player nearby is instantly and automatically put in a party with you. If they move too far away, they’re disbanded unless you have “locked’ them by clicking their name in the bottom-righthand corner. Once someone is locked, you can teleport to them at anytime provided they are still on the same realm and aren’t dead. (large instanced server with about up to a 100 players, and sometimes even more. Each one has a unique map.) There are bosses that pop up all over the place and an indicator with an arrow will point you in the direction of them. Bosses are basically the quests in the game. They spawn henchmen, you kill them, take their loot, and get a bunch of XP for doing so.

Where the class and character system gets strange is that when you die, your character us put on a leaderboard based on how high a level he achieved. Then, you select a class for your new character, and he is given a random name unless you choose a name. Your spawned in a castle hub, and you can buys stuff at shops and go select a realm to play in.

Another cool thing that seems to randomely occur (I don’t know the conditions that the server sets to start it) is where you’re suddenly put in a huge dungeon with what seems like everybody on the server, and that’s usually 60 or more players. You have a huge group, and you go through the dungeon fighting tons of hard enemies. It seems to run good even with the 80 to 100 players I’ve been playing with in these random events on my sucky computer I’m playing it on. It’s pretty epic, too, with all those players, and fireballs and arrows are going everywhere.

So, I suggest you try this out if you like shooters or dungeon crawlers. You can find it on Kongregate under the multiplayer section or at

Please let me know what you think of this game. Also, tell me of any other browser games that you really like and I’ll check them out. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more on browser games!

5 responses to “Realm of the Mad God: Fantasy Shooter MMO

  1. I have a pretty crappy laptop (for games, anyway) and no money, but Realm of the Mad God is one I’ve been eyeing on Steam for a while. Wasn’t too sure about it, but from what you’ve described here, it doesn’t sound too bad. Might check it out over the weekend, now.

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