What Dog’s Been Doin’ in Minecraft Part 1

Hey again guys. Still have been playing on the aBlockz Minecraft SMP server, and playing some Light of Nova here and there.

I’ll give you a rundown on what’s happened, even though the PC won’t let me take screenshots of Minecraft.

When I first started on aBlockz’s SMP server, I of course went to punch a tree. Once I had beaten the tree like Chuck Norris would, and a block broke, it reappeared and I got a message from the server which said You do not have [whoever the tree belonged to] permission to build here. Ah, so there’s claims. Cool.

After punching a bunch more trees which¬†were claimed, I decided to head over the mountain to the West. I travelled West over the mountain, then went South. I found some punch-able trees near a river. I built myself a small wood hut and gathered some seeds from grass nearby. I made a 2×2 farm in the hut. I then logged off.

Next time I came on, I spawned in my hut. My wheat had grown, so I tried to take it. Someone had claimed my hut. So, I took the resources I still had, punched some more trees, and headed South some more until I hit the river. There was a small little hill which I dug into, and a nice person on the server told me that you need to place a chest to start a claim. I did that, and I put some doors around my little dirt hovel. Then, I started to mine. Made stone tools, and a stone sword, and went down into the earth.

I was busy building a stairwell mine when I started starving. Darn it! I went back up and quickly put all my stuff into the chest. I died and respawned back at the spawn. I went back over the hill, then to my hut, and reclaimed my stuff. I decided I needed a way to get food while my wheat grew. (I had by this time started another small farm.) I decided a fishing rod would be a good idea, so I went out at night to go find some spiders to murder.

I found some near a small cave, killed them, and took their string. I went back and crafted my self a¬†fishing rod. Once I had me some fish, I cooked them and went back down into my mine. Tink tink tink tink tink pop! Once I had broken a fair amount of picks, I hit the bottom. I hadn’t ran into a single cave. So, I started mining in a grid pattern. I ran into other corridors from other peoples grid mines, and I found that they left a lot of iron and redstone. I dug around for a while, running into other mines while expanding my own, and finding tons of iron and redstone, and boatloads of coal, but no diamonds.


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