Light of Nova: Browser Based MMORTS

I found a pretty cool browser-based MMORTS called Light of Nova.If you’ve ever heard of space invasion or those kind of games, it’s like that, but it has some cool art and interfaces instead of being text-based like that was.

Light of Nova Mothership

My mothership

There’s four different factions, (I’m Orion) and there’s a huge galaxy with planets, some owned by players, others unexplored.

Light of Nova Galaxy

All your galaxies are mine!

There are Alliances, of course, which are like guilds or clans, and it looks like there’s some cool PvP.

I might be doing a Dog Plays series on this game if it turns out that I continue liking the game. It’s pretty fun so far, and I’m not usually into these kind of browser games. Please leave some comments and check the game out at


2 responses to “Light of Nova: Browser Based MMORTS

  1. Between the two games we played, I can’t see how LIFE could be construed in any way as better. As I said earlier, The Resistance is simple, but every mechanic, every aspect of it exists for a specific and important reason. From the number of players per mission to the voting system to the two-fail requirement on mission four, it’s all carefully designed around a gradually increasing sense of tension that almost always rises to a thrilling finale. LIFE, on the other hand, is a giant pile of random elements that either give or take points for no discernible reason other than because you spun the thing and a thing happened. This games is Browser Based MMORPG.

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