RuneScape: A Look At Combat Evolved

Today, I’ll be looking at the new Evolution of Combat beta.


I’m dual wielding scimitars like I’m Drizz Do’Urden

I log into the game on the beta client, which can be found at, and I see awesome splash screen. I log into an American server, teleport to Lumbridge, and go get some free equipment at the castle. I take a look at the interface. The spells tab now doubles as an ability tab. I also equip an Obsidian cape.

I go out to the swamps to try out the combat after setting up my hotbar. Button mashing time!!! Hey, rat, guess what? It’s two-for-one scimitar day! Oooooh what’s this button do? Oh, you’re dead? I’m sorry. MURDER EVERYTHING!


Hey rat, check out this hotbar.

The combat seems pretty fun. It does make combat a lot more of an interactive activity. It also does give me a huge sense of power. And, dual wielding is boss!

I think Dungeoneering would be good to try.



I team up with a high level guy, and we go through a really cool dungeon.


He’s taking it on with magic.


Almost got it…

We fight a frost dragon and do another dungeon. I’m forgetting all I do in here won’t affect my regular account. Probably going to go do some normal RuneScape after this.

Enjoying the update a lot. I can see where people are afraid the update will change the game too much. So far, it doesn’t seem likethatbig of a change, although it is fun. Mainly, it just makes a lot of things more convenient, like teleportation and skilling. It does make the combat more intuitive, but they’ve balanced it well where it doesn’t feel likethathuge of a change from classic combat, while still giving it a much more entertaining and rewarding skill.

So, I believe you more skeptical players should try it, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine. It’s a beta. Nothings written in stone. And if you feel like Jagex is totally ignoring you, I don’t think they are. They’re just giving the people who do enjoy some time to test it out. Thanks for reading.

Please comment on your thoughts about this, and if you’ve tried the Combat Beta, let me know what you think about it. Also be sure to subscribe to my blog for more RuneScape news and my Dog Plays RuneScape series.


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