RuneScape Combat Update: Playerbase Paradox

As I’m sure most RuneScape players know, the Combat Evolved Beta has taken off, and anyone who was accepted in can play it on the designated servers. Members are also able to play it on weekends.

NOTE: I now have a new post up about the new update where I take a look at the beta. Read it here

Now, there has been a lot of controversy over the update. On one side, many people believe that this update is an unnecessary and even bad update. It also seems that most of these people haven’t actually tried the update yet. On the other side, many people have played the update, and enjoy what it brings to the game. I have yet to try it, since the computer I’m on thinks Java is a “malicious add-on”, so I’ll have to wait until I get to a less paranoid PC.

To me, it seems like the update will add things that will make certain things like skilling more convenient, and enhance the combat so as to make it more immersive. I’m not biased on one side or the other, though, and I can understand both groups’ worries and anticipations. I do like the combat system which is in place right now. I think the new combat system may make combat more exciting and based somewhat more off of skill. I know some people will totally oppose that last sentence. From what I’ve seen – and I emphasize that because I haven’t actually tested it out yet – it looks like it will add some skill to it, albeit possibly somewhat button mash-ey. So far, it looks like it will take more of a knowledge and sequence/timing kind of skill then a cordination kind of skill. Basically, they’re copying the combat system which you’ve seen in countless MMOs and trying to put it in RuneScape while making it exciting.

And finally, for those who are really flippin’ mad about the whole affair, and which many seem to miss, is that the update currently is only a beta. It’s being tested, that’s why you have betas. Supposedly they have several months left before their going to actually release it, and so since it’s such a big change to the game, they’re letting players test it so they can balance it and see if people actually like it or not. I’m excited myself to check it out, and I will be doing a post about it once I do.

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Are you a RuneScape member? Go check out the beta now at


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