Sony Buys Gaikai; Tech For PS4?

Recently, Sony Computer Entertainment bought cloud gaming company Gaikai. Now, Gaikai is a company I’ve been watching for a while, because of the powerful partners they have and the technology they have at their disposal. I think the way the games are run in-browser through Adobe Flash is a big upside over competitor OnLive’s downloadable client. These services are supposed to enable you to play games from anywhere, right? The downside to Gaikai is that they don’t have anything more than half-an-hour demos. But, that is something that is supposed to be added soon, and with Sony at the wheel, it may take off fast, or maybe there’s an alternative way they’ll take their newly acquired cloud capabilities.

One way this may be used is for the next PlayStation console. Cloud gaming is becoming more common, and since Sony now has that power, it may or may not be used exclusively for the PS4. It would enable powerfull games, that wouldn’t be tied down to the power of a console. It may also reduce the time for a game to be published, and it would help with pirating because the games would be server-side. If an Elder Scrolls game could be put on a cloud-based server, it could be a very large game. I don’t know the how large the costs associated with hosting a cloud game would be yet, but hopefully it will enable huge graphical games.

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