Dog Plays RunesScape! Part 14

I’ve been mining iron ore for a friend so he can mass produce steel stuff, and he needs about 1,000 iron ore. I already have approximately 100, so I’m a tenth of the way there. To make myself more effective and transporting ore to the bank, I’m going to train Agility up.


Cool ship.

I took a boat from Catherby to Brimhaven for 480 gp. Yeah, good thing I have almost 150k of gold. Trying to find the Agility Arena. It seems I must go South-East from the docks. Ok, it’s literally right next to me.


The entrance to the Agility Arena.

So I talk to an attractive pirate lady, and learn about task system stuff and tickets you can win in the Agility Arena. I did not know you got equipment for completing all the tasks in a town.

So, I climb down a ladder, and see if something cool happens. Aww, I have to pay first. Come on! Apperently the guy who yelled at me is the captain and the parrot is called Cracked Jenny’s Tea Cup. No, I’m not making that up.

Oooooh I can die in the Agility Arena. I’m good at that! Hehe. I want to make sure I can change my spawn hub. I’m going to check if there’s a lodestone out here. Errrr no. Great. Let’s go do some dying!



Okay, this time I actually go down the ladder, and… WTF?

Doesn’t seem like it’s that hard to stay alive. the traps only do a small amount of damage… so far. Jump around! Jump around! Oh shooooooot! I fell off a cliff. Good thing there’s some rock so I don’t go in the lava. Sheesh scared the shish kabob outta me.

And then I get wacked in the nuggets by a saw blade. *cough* I’m okay. I get shot with a bunch of poisoned darts. C’mon I wanna get to the glow-ey ticket thing! This isn’t as easy as it looks… which it doesn’t look that easy… maybe it is as easy as it looks. Now I fall off of a cliff onto spikes. Head on, apply directly to your forehead.

I rest for a little bit. Now I’m ready to get murdered! About to get to level 9 Agility. That’s already 2 levels I’ve gone up in Agility Arena! Level up!

I’m about to get to a ticket dispenser which is active. Just across the monkey bars… I fall to my doom. I climb back up and it’s deactivated. This is a scam! Just kidding. Virtual Character! You need to stop VIRTUALLY SUCKING!!!



I’m gonna make it! Although, that really doesn’t look that hard.

I climb back up… and the ticket thing is active! I grab my tickets, and then I try to get another one for a combo. I fail. Medieval redemption games are hard.



Ah figured out the poison darts drain your Agility temporarily. Anyhow, my Agility returns, and I’m ready to monkey around some more.

I think this is a good spot to end this part, because you get the idea of what I’m doing.

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