The Best TF2 Youtubers: 2nd Edition

Well, again thanks to Mr Exodeux, I have found a couple more let’s players that are also very good. So, I decided to do an updated version of The Best TF2 Youtubers.

  1. Star (Niichts): Star has become my favorite let’s player, because of his skill and humor. He posts videos often, and has high audio/video quality. He does live- and recorded-commentaries, and he plays every class. He has very high skill with each class, and does some cool sniper shots and rocket-jump melees. His videos range from around five minutes up to several hours, though typically his videos are around fifteen to thirty minutes.
  2. Wolfs Go Rawr: Wolfs Go Rawr does in-depth gameplay with each new update that comes out and each of the items included in those updates. He has some great gameplay, and he can even beat your face in as a battle Medic. Very important qualities there. He has good sound and video quality, of course.
  3. AcesGamer: Ace has some great guides for individual classes and maps, which is the main thing I like about his channel. He also has some good gameplay from various tournaments he’s played in, and he does videos often. Good sound/video quality is also one of AcesGamer’s strong points.
  4. Mr Exodeux: Exodeux may not have as large of subscriber numbers as Star, but that doesn’t mean he ain’t good. He has good video quality, and my favorite class to watch him play as is Spy, as he has some clever and humorous tricks he plays on Snipers and Engineers. He does some good acting as a Spy, which is something I don’t see a huge amount of. He hides in plain sight without looking suspicious by acting as a Sniper, complete with ducking behind cover and moving around, and then when the real Snipers aren’t looking, they find they have a knife in their back. He posts videos fairly often and is probably one of the most responsive to comments and tweets from his fans.
  5. LeptirOne: LeptirOne has a good mix of guides for classes and gameplay. Also one of my favorite for Spy gameplay, he has guides for Spy that are in-depth and have some skilled gameplay in the background.

So, make sure to check each of these out, because it took me a while to find some let’s players that were truly entertaining and skilled when it comes to Team Fortress 2 gameplay. Guess I’m just pickey with TF2 commentators. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment and suggest your favorite let’s players. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more news, journals and reviews on gaming and every thing that goes along with it.

3 responses to “The Best TF2 Youtubers: 2nd Edition

  1. Pretty nice list you got there! I would recommend Jerma, he’s a really nice tf2 player, what with his ‘face-cam’ (live) commentaries and his likeable personality. Plus he throws in a bunch of other games, and posts almost 10 vids a week. Btw, I’m rly not being paid or anything to do this haha I just feel like the guy needs more exposure 😉

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