Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 13


Sorry monkey. This will only hurt thiiiisss much *stretches arm out full length*

They let me join Pink Patrons of Pain yesterday. Really awesome. I’ve also started training Slayer. Remember that first dungeon I tried to do with the slime guys? And they required spiked guantlets? Well, that place was my first Slayer task. My second one was killing trolls, not too exciting. The one I’m currently doing is killing defenseless level 3 monkeys that are in a cage. I don’t know why the Taverly Slayer Master had me do this. This is the most chicken snitzel thing I’ve done in RuneScape. 19 more… 17 more… 10 more… think I’m almost done…

For some reason I’m still not there yet so we’re just chatting about Slayer tabs in the¬†Clan Chat. Oop wait I’ll check my crystal… Yup I’m done.

I go back to Turael, and he gives me a task to kill 47 zombies. Auuurrgghhh! Why’s it always 47? Why do zombies have to be killed with magic? I haven’t even trained Magic! Screw you Slayer guy. Have to go to Edgeville, and hopefully the zombies aren’t on the Wilderness side of the dungeon.

Wait, I realise I have to go to GE to get me some steel armor first. I bought a steel armour set (lg) and bought some steel boots. I have nuggets of steel! (I made everyone in clan chat laugh with a joke that contained the word “nuggets”)


Nuggets of Steel! Steel armour set (lg) with Amulet of Glory and steel boots.

Now it’s time for 28 Dungeons Later! I’m just killing some level 6 rats to get my Combat Level up some more because the zombies are two levels above me. I take on a skeleton warrior, and almost die, even with prayers and everything. I’m going to go get some food so I can heal. I cook a bunch of crayfish in Taverly, and now I’m ready to beat that skeletons face in and turn his bones into gelatin! That sounded kinda cheesey. Whatever.

Killed to skeletons before almost dying. Next time I’ll probably bring some summoning pouches for spirit wolves. And something better to eat. See you all next time!

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