Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 12

I know it’s been a long time since I wrote a new part. So, here another one is!

Recently, I started the Wolf Whistle quest so I could start training summoning. It starts off with one of the Stix- or Brix named people getting stuck in a well with trolls. I’m supposed to scare them off with a summoned critter. As I write this I think I’m about to finish it. I’ve found Stikklebrix body (SPOILER! Oh, too late. Whoops) and got the white hare meat.

I talk to Pikkupstix (I know, these names are great) and get ready to go the obelisk to infuse stuff. I do something cool, and then a magical text box pops up. I’m supposed to go talk to Pikkupstix to see if my character screwed anything up. (He better of not because none of this is going on me. All I did was click the cool stone thingey)


Whoops. Bye bye trolls.

I run over to the well where Scaletrix is. So, this hottey is supposed to help me summon cool things to scare the not cool things (trolls) away from the human thing who is in the well thingey.

So, the guy’s name is Bowloftrix. He’s in a stew pot to make it funnier. The Woppertinger thing scares the munchkin out of the trolls and we get Bowloftrix out of there.

Aaaaaand we’re done! Thanks for reading!


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