Noob Rental Review – Lollipop Chainsaw

  Hello all, and welcome to the Noob Rental Review! 🙂 This week I played Lollipop Chainsaw.

So… did you happen to notice that guy’s head strapped to her belt in the picture above? Yep. That’s her boyfriend. And they have a running dialogue throughout the game.

They waste no time in letting you know you are in for a crazy, ridiculous, “what the %$*&^# is going on, and why are my pants on my head?” kind of game.

There is a dark and twisty side of me that couldn’t stop giggling every time they let me do a new attack. Or pretty much whenever the talking boyfriend head had a mini panic attack while I spun him around with (what is probably an unhealthy level of) glee at hordes of zombies…

And just in case you aren’t already scared – whenever you swing your chainsaw it leaves little rainbow trails in the air and little stars and hearts fly all over the place, and she makes comments about how “totally sad” it is that she had to kill all her friends when they turned into zombies, but that it was “like so much fun too!” Yeah…. Dark and twisty….

Honestly, you really can’t take this game seriously at all – which is exactly why I think it works so well. 🙂 This game is pure fun – and about as un-family-friendly as you can get. If you are not a fan of raunchy humor and jokes about stereotypes DO NOT pick this one up, lol. Even the zombies make random comments that made my jaw drop at first. I eventually stopped being shocked and turned the subtitles on for full effect. Lol, good times.

If you are of legal age, this game pairs perfectly with beer. Lots of beer.

Battle is kind of heavy feeling sometimes, and a little frustrating when you get knocked down, or can’t interrupt an enemy. It also feels like you just can’t upgrade fast enough. But honestly – it’s the out of place “prettiness” of the battles and the insane story and characters that keep you going anyway. 🙂

Also, the music is awesome.  –> “Riot Rhythm” by Sleigh Bells

The mini games (which are not optional, by the way) annoy me slightly – especially the baseball one. There are times when I can’t get the chainsaw blaster (Yes, she does have a chainsaw *gun.*) to actually shoot what I’m aiming at, which inspires lengthy stretches of cussing and threats directed at inanimate objects again.

*sigh* And yet… as much fun as this game is, here we are again…. my big issue lately.


Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!

You have to wait for autosave checkpoints. There is no save option.

In case I haven’t made my absolute, undying, passionate hatred for this style of saving clear, here is a picture representation:

Now simply add a roaring inferno of flame and a looping line of “@#$@#%$$%&*^$@#$%$%!@#$@%^” all around the very edges for accuracy, and we’re all set.

Over all, this game was a lot of fun, and I may actually buy it. 🙂

My Lollipop Chainsaw Rating: Rental or Cash-Worthy, depending on how you feel about really, really raunchy humor and sparkly chainsaw fun time weighed against crap-tastic auto-saves and sometimes clumsy battle.


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