Planetside Beta Key Giveaways!

Well, I’m very excited for Planetside 2, as I’m sure most multiplayer FPS-playing PC gamers are. I’ve been trying to get a beta code from Planetside 2’s official Twitter stream, and I also signed up for Ten Ton Hammer’s beta key giveaway.

Now, I haven’t gotten one yet, as a huge chunk of the multiplayer FPS croud is hanging over their Twitter apps waiting to copy and paste the codes. I haven’t beaten anyone to a code yet, and I’m pretty freakin’ fast. I’m a PC gamer. I want me a freakin’ beta code. To bad I didn’t get a copy of the April editionĀ of PC Gamer, because every copy of it had a beta code in it. Not that I don’t like PC Gamer magazine, I’m just not subscribed to them and I didn’t know about the giveaway or I would of raced across the city to get to a Walmart to get a copy.

I’ve been signed up for the beta for a long time now, but it wanted me to re sign up after a password change SOE issued for security reasons. It looks like a great game, and I’m sure every one who’s going to play it will agree… or else.


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