Thanks For All The Follows!

I’ve gotten 3 followers in the past two days, and maybe I’ll have more! Thanks very much. My blog is up to 10 followers now, and 21 through Twitter. Also, of course today was the best day for followers, by having two, and possibly counting.

Plus, a lot of the new readers are from paigeaddams’ weekly Noob Rental Reviews, which are great. Be sure to check those out, or, perhaps you found this blog through her great reviews. In either case, thank you very much for coming to our blog to read about the RuneScape articles I write and many other varied topics, and our reviews. Dog House Gaming Blog is nearing it’s first full year. Very excited for the year to come, and once I get my stuff fully set up, I plan on doing many posts a day and maybe even some let’s plays on Youtube.

If you are not a subscriber, please subscribe by email or follow DHGB for more news, reviews and gaming journals. Also, we’d love some comments, so leave some below. Yeah, I actually do read them, and so does paigeaddams. I really doubt this blog would get anywhere if we ignored our readers. I’m not that stupid. šŸ™‚


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