Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 11

Well, as you know if you read my last post, Dog Gets Barfed Up By a Huge Dragon, then you know I did the new “Song From the Depths” quest. Really, really cool quest, and it’s fully voice acted.


A conjuration platform summons a dragon to tae you across

So, today I got to play really early. I killed a grotworm in the new dungeon, said good morning to Pink Patrons of Pain, and then I went to check out the new celebrations and stuff in Varrock, and read their new newspaper, and I look at some quests before finally deciding to go to Runespan again. It’s strange how fun it is, considering it’s just clicking on cool critters and nodes, it’s like magic…

Anyway, I go to start this post, and I encounter a random event. I do an easy match-up puzzle to unlock a treasure chest for a pirate that’s on a tiny island.

Then, once I’m back, I go to the second level and start hunting for Chaotic Clouds. Actually, I can siphon the Shifters, now, so I’m going to find one.

I conveniently run into a yellow wizard, so yay me.


Yay I found you.

And, of course, between the time of me writing about him then having to re-log on, he’s gone. BUBBLEY HAM SANDWHICHES! Oh well, he’ll get stuck again in not too long. 🙂

Well, I find a Chaotic Cloud waiting for me right when I log back on. Yay. Not far from level 49 Runecrafting. 1700… 1600…1500… Now I’m going to try to find a Shifter. I should get more essence from some esshounds first though.

Whoops, almost forgot to open my Random Event Gift. Let’s see… I choose the “Mystery Box” option, because it’s mysterious, kinda, and I get a flier for… Bob’s Axes? Okay, that’s probably not going to help me at all. Oh well. I get interrupted by random events every few minutes.

I found another yellow wizard, but I can’t get to him because I’m two levels to low to use the platform.

Before I go on my mission for better nodes, I need some Mind Runes. I find a Cosmic esshound, so I don’t pass him up. I get to level 49, so that’s awesome. Another yellow wizard is somewhere. I can see an island with two Chaotic Clouds.

I’m going to assume that the better stuff’s going to be on the outer regions. Need some Water Runes, so I beat up a nearby essling for them and cross the islands. Okay can’t go that way, need an Earth Rune to go that way… this is freakin’ hard!


I want it I want it I want it.

Time is of the essence, no pun intended, so let’s go find some floating rock.

Well, as you can see in the screenshot above, I find an island with a bunch of Chaotic Clouds. But, it’s a level 50 platform, so I’m one level to low.


I’m a big kid now! My first Shifter! Yaaaayyyy. Hehe.

So, I find a Shifter. Awesome! Give’s me over 80 XP a pop. That’s a lot of XP once I’ve finished it off.

So, It was a really good day. I really like the way they designed the Runespan where you’re always trying to find the better stuff. I also like the co-op aspect, but I’m not going to sappy your face off, because I like social features, this is an MMO, but I’m not sappy about them. I have a lot of fun with friends, though, which could very well be the best part about the Runespan, is being able to play with your friends. That and the huge RCing XP.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out all the other Dog Plays RuneScape!s. Also, please tell me about your Runespan adventures. You can comment using your Twitter, Facebook or WordPress account, or can comment anonamously



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