Noob Rental Review – Game of Thrones

200px-Ff6 amano tina.jpg Welcome to the Noob Rental Review everyone! This week I played Game of Thrones!!!!

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Let me just begin with this, you know, just to set the tone for this review:

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Yep. It’s like that. Cue violins.

You have to know that when I picked this up, and realized I would be running around swinging a big shiny sword at my foes, I was ready to gnaw the arms off of anyone who dared try and take it from me. Yes, other gamers would have to pry it from my cold dead fingers. My melee… My precioussssss…..

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Now Game of Thrones – both the books and tv series – I have heard is epic. People keep telling me I need to read/watch these, and after going through the beginning of this game, if it’s anything to judge by, I’m there. The storyline of this game is its very best feature, above all else. Probably excluding all else, really. There are even key points where you can make dialogue choices that have an impact on how things turn out. Very cool.

However – and here’s the biggest issue, the big glaring one that I can’t get over that actually killed a melee game for me – I have never played a game with this many bugs. Not the “ewwwww – get the shovel ‘cuz that’s a big one – wow, that’s gonna leave a mark’ variety of bugs. Those I can deal with if I can get my hands on a flame thrower. We’re talking mid-battle, out of nowhere, boss to 10% health, ‘you don’t have the right weapons equipped to do that move’ when I haven’t changed my *&%*&T^*&# weapons in the past hour and a half. And that move worked two seconds ago with said set of ‘wrong weapons.’ My action queue is empty, awaiting a command. Any command. And I have full energy points at the ready.

Yeah. Bitter, party of one. My table is ready. {insert violins *here*}

Battle is repetitive. *cough* When it works correctly. *cough, cough* The same character designs are also repeated, doors open through the character, you have conversations with a black smudge on a wall that wasn’t there a second ago, and battle also feels messy… When my character isn’t too busy staring in confusion at the weapons he’s been holding for an hour that have suddenly morphed into ineffective bouquets of daisies… Surely, this must be the case. My character, Mors, has just realized he is trying to win the battle by pummeling his enemies with a herring. To the casual viewer, it still *appears* that he is holding the same weapons as before…. But he’s not. No. That is, in fact, disco barbie he is holding instead of a claymore.

This makes me sad. The game has a ton of potential. Honestly, if they were to re-release this in a year after fixing its issues, I’d rent it again. The story is compelling, the characters have depth, especially the two main characters – Mors and Alester, and even the battle system (put the spatula down Mors) has potential. You can slow time and switch between characters for strategy, it’s fast paced, there are different combat styles to choose from, and there’s a cool skill development grid (assuming those don’t change into lawn gnomes at some point).

I have looked this up, and others have mentioned the bugs – all except my little weapon problem. Perhaps it’s just user error on my part? Maybe only my Mors fights his battles with a loofa that I’d swear looks just like the sword I equipped?

        +                =       

….Mors has been lied to….

My Game of Thrones Rating: Coaster, or Rental if you really, really want that story. I’ve read that it’s worth the bugs for that alone, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. I will, however, be picking up the books and tv series. 🙂


2 responses to “Noob Rental Review – Game of Thrones

  1. I also encountered the weapon bug but as Alestar in King’s Landing. I had chosen Archer for my class, but cant seem to use my bow when I’m in combat. Just tells me that I don’t have it equipped when it clearly is.

    • Yeah, I hate that – this game has so much promise otherwise. I think I could probably overlook the other bugs – I loved Skyrim and the Dragon Age games, despite their issues – but I have to be able to fight properly.

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