The F2P Multiplayer FPS Kings

Well, I was thinking about Combat Arms today. I used to play it until about the start of last year, several months before I started Dog House Blog. I used to play it with a friend all the time.

Combat Arms

Now, what is Combat Arms? It’s a free-to-play multiplayer FPS, although there are microtransactions and it’s developed by Nexon, who are the creaters of a lot of huge free-to-play MMOs, including Shattered Galaxy, (an MMORTS that I used to play quite a bit. It’s been around for a while too.) Vindictus and Maple Story. (They didn’t actually create Maple Story, they acquired it.) Combat Arms also has quite possibly the largest selection of guns in any multiplayer FPS.

The game boasts customizability that includes ...

The game boasts customizability that includes female player models. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It does have a fair amount of haxers, just like Shattered Galaxy, but that’s probably because it does have a huge market in Korea, as Nexon is a Korean based company. Of course, Americans hack too, but Koreans are a lot more high tech than we are. Yeah, that can be taken as a compliment.

Anyways, like I mentioned earlier, C.A. has over one thousand weapons, plus hundreds of attachments to put on those guns such as skins, extended magazines, and sights. And one of my favorite things, which UberStrike probably borrowed from this game, is NutShots. Yeah, you can shoot people in the balls and get rewarded XP and cash for it. Now, unlike UberStrike, where you get most of your cash from logging in daily, and get a small amount of cash for killing people, in Combat Arms, at least last time I played it, you get all your money from killing people. I kinda like this way better, buy UberStrike’s way works good for if you don’t play that much, although once you get high level, you’ll have to work your arsenal off to have the big weapons every day.

Team Fortress 2

Now, as the title of this post suggests, I am going to talk about F2P FPSs in general. Another one I’m sure many people would argue that TF2 is the king of F2P shooters. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Team Fortress 2, but I’m still going to give it a run down.

The original Team Fortress was a Quake and Half-Life mod. It had the same classes as the TF you know today, but in all other areas it was a whole different game. Well, you know what Half-Life is like. No cartooney visuals like today.

TF2, on the otherhand, took eight or nine years to make. They still made it, and it won a lot of awards. It features the original nine classes, but they’re a lot different from the original game’s.

TF2 features a very unique art style, and very unique gameplay. It has a sort of cartooney art style, which doesn’t have quite the look of cell shading. It’s got more depth. It’s sort of like Toy Story meets Borderlands. The gameplay, on the other hand, also has a unique, smooth feel to it. The classes also make the game original, because they aren’t anything like your normal generic classes.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is the Spy, who can become temporarily invisible, disguise as the enemy, and will kill anyone if he knifes them in the back. He also has a kick butt pistol.

Then, there’s the Sniper, who as you can guess, snipes. He’s probably the closest to a class that might be in another. Unlike other snipers, however, he has to wait untill a bar on the right side fills up before he can do max damage from headshots.

There’s the Heavy, who carries a chaingun. He’s the slowest class, but he’s also the toughest and can deal out some serious damage.

There’s Pyro, who’s great for close range ambushes with his flamethrower.

Scout, who is the fastest, carries a shotgun, a pistol, and a bat. He can also double- and, with a special unlockable bat, can triple-jump, making him the most mobile.

There’s the Medic, who can heal and Ubercharge team mates.

Soldier, who shoots rockets and can rocket-jump.

Demoman, a scottish demolitionist who shoots sticky-bombs and grenades, and can also play a roll as a big melee class.

And, finally, the Engineer, who builds defensive and supportive fortifications, such as sentry turrets and ammo and health-supplies.


Uberstrike is a mix of Combat Arms and Unreal Tournament. There’s the huge weapon selection and nutshots like CA, and there’s the fast paced power-up laden gameplay of Unreal.

The game is browser-based and is run off of the Unity Web Player.

This game has a large amount of bunnyhoppers, but that’s why shotguns are one of my weapons of choice — the sniper rifle being my second favorite and machinegun my third.

There is a large selection of maps, and one of the great things about this game is there are a lot of good updates.

Closing Notes

Now, I know there are a lot more really high quality free-to-play FPSs. A.V.A., Battlefield Free-to-Play and many others, but these are my personal favorites. And I may update this list.

Please leave some comments below. You can sign in through Facebook, Twitter, or your WordPress account. What games do you think should be added to this list?


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