Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 9


My new steel sword. Booyah!

Today, I got to level 33 RuneCrafting, meaning I can go to the second level of Runespan. I also was reffered by Mod Poppy on Twitter about a clan she’s in, Pink Patrons of Pain, which is a general clan, and it’s open to everyone. Also, I got this computer to run it on full graphics fairly well. The leaders for PPoP recommended I wait a day before joining, to see if I like the clan.

Plus, since I’ve already registered my email, I get a cape and some other cool stuff including an XP Lamp. These are all part of the new Email Registration Bonus update. If you register your email, or already have, you should get a notification on how to reclaim your prizes. You also get extra bank space!

Next, I’m going to a dungeon I found on the RuneScape Wiki, the members only dungeon just south of the Dungeoneering tutor in Taverly.


Combat with full graphics, yo!

Darn it stupid level 5 highwayman!  Sheesh made it. Flip a u-ey. There’s freaking level 22 skeletons! I’ve had enough of skellies from playing Minecraft, nevermind level 22 ones! There were supposed to be low level baddies in here!


This kinda thing is the norm in Burthrope.

Going to Taverly to collect a steel sword I got from the Squeal of Fortune. It gave me something cool finally, not that XP Lamps aren’t awesome.

Got it, now I’m going to get my Wicked Hood! Where is the guy- Oh my sweet potatoes!

Well, I get some really big bones, plus I got to try out my awesome new sword! Yay! Now to find that dude with the Wicked Hood.

I probably won’t do much the rest of today just going to do some quick Runespan. Thanks all for reading and leave some comments below



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