Noob Rental Review – Starhawk

524 - Celes Chere Welcome to the Noob Rental Review everyone! This week I’m reviewing Starhawk.

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Normally, this is where I would say: This wasn’t as much fun for me because I prefer melee battle systems. But I’ve learned something about myself this week, ladies and gentlemen.

I ❤ gun turrets and flying mechs. XD

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The story is well done so far, and the artwork in the cut scenes is a cool kind of comic book style. Also, movement doesn’t feel heavy or anything, and switching between being on foot, in a vehicle, or in a mech is easy and quick.

Even though there isn’t really an auto-lock to assist with my sad lack of hand-eye coordination, I managed to destroy my enemies with relative ease, and only minimal cussing. Although, there was a moment in the beginning where you have to shoot at some aircraft over a base with a rocket launcher. That was not pretty. The…. *ahem* (restraining myself here)…. aircraft…. moves faster than you (meaning “me”) can really follow with the rocket launcher while trying to aim. But, you don’t have to stay where they start you. You can go for higher ground – which I *finally* did after about 20 minutes of trash talking the inanimate object in front of me. I can’t repeat the kind of language I used. I’m not sure all of it was even English.

 But, despite my admittedly creative language choices – I actually had fun. Not many games can inspire that level of rage in me and have me still wanting to play it at the end. 🙂

There’s all kinds of fun stuff to play with. You can do the single player campaign, or go multiplayer in a similar style to Halo. You can get on a vehicle and destroy people. You can fly overhead on an aircraft and destroy some more people. Then when you land and transform into the mech form you can smoosh your squishy little enemies. Or you can just run around on foot and destroy even more people. Running up and stabbing people as a last resort is also surprisingly effective – and you know I had to try it once. And you also have a build menu to assist and the maiming of thy enemies – walls, generators, and even ❤ turrets! ❤

Over all, I’d say give this one a shot. It’s actually a lot of fun, and you can have space battles in mechs! And there are turrets!

My Starhawk Rating: Cash-Worthy


2 responses to “Noob Rental Review – Starhawk

  1. Really cool. I saw this game in Gameinformer and I thought it looked pretty cool. I also shared this review on Twitter so you can get more views. I don’t know if your already using Publicize or not. Man I need my PS3!!!

    • Thank you for sharing it! I really appreciate that. 🙂 I’ve never used Publicize before, but I’ve been thinking about starting a Facebook or something like that to try and get more views – both here and on my short story blog.

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