Dog Does Programming (Hopefully): 7dfps

Today, thanks in part from Notch, the Minecraft creator, I found a new event coming up called “7 Day FPS.” Basically, it’s an event that’s open to everyone, and the goal is for each person to program an FPS in seven days, starting June 9th and ending the 15th. My plan is to get a computer by then, (I really like the price and power of Maingear’s POTENZA, not to mention it’s size) and since I only have some limited programming knowledge, learn to use UDK. (I’ve been using Unity 3D for a while now.) The main problem is I’ve forgotten most of my C++ knowledge, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get that back. Also need to do some learning with Blender 3D, mainly with the animation side. I have no idea how I’m going to deal with textures, as I won’t be able to get Photoshop right off the bat. GIMP will probably work as a free open-source alternative. My plan is to post on this blog each day of the event, writing about my progress and programming methods. Hey, the event will give me some incentives to fully learn programming, since I’ll only have a week to do it.

Check out the 7dfps website at


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