The Elder Scrolls Online: Dissecting The Details

Two days ago, Zenimax Online finally announced The Elder Scrolls Online. I saw it on Twitter on my Vita, and it blew my mind. This is the biggest step forward mankind has had since we set foot on the moon! In this preview, I take a joruney back through the timelines of the UESPWiki to find out what is happening at the time of the game, and give you all the details I know! Also, I am a Gameinformer subscriber, and have been for a long time, so I am really excited for this month’s cover story. Here is the official trailer below.

Also, Gameinformer has the first screenshot on their website.

Basically, the game will take place one-thousand years before Skyrim, which means eight-hundred years before Morrowind and Oblivion, and it will include all of Tamriel I took the time to look up this period on the UESPWiki, and found out that it should take place in the Third to early Fourth century of the Second Era. Here is the timeline here. So, this means this will be around the time that the Mages Guild, the Dark Brotherhood (BOOO!!!) and the forunner to the Fighters guild, the Syffim, are all founded. Now, why I boo the Dark Brotherhood, is because in Morrowind they kept screwin’ up my naps in the forest, where I would snuggle with the Scribs; (which, by the way, since they will have all of Tamriel in TES Online, they better have Scribs.) plus, I’m Morag Tong, and I went in the Dark Brotherhood base in Mournhold, and screwed up their naps with nice sneak attack arrows to their faces.

So, the game will also have three factions for players to fight for, which may or may not be the three mentioned above, and there will be open warfare between them, plus players will be able to fight over the Emperor’s throne. All sounds like fun. It’s going to be a really big game too, because if they have all of Tamriel, then that’s a lot of land.

Another thing that’s supposed to be happening, is Morag Bal is trying to suck Tamriel up and put it in his Deadric realm. Kill more Deadra!

So, be sure to watch on Gameinformer’s website for more details, and their magazine, of course, because it’s probably going to be one of their most epic cover stories ever, which is saying something because they have a lot of epic cover stories.


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