RuneScape Review Part 2: My Thoughts

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This is the second part of my RuneScape review. Read the first here.

Now, to get to what I actually think about the game. Well, first of all, It is a very accessible game, and you can pretty much play it anywhere because it runs on Java, so you won’t even have the problem Unity has with the software restriction stuff. Second, it’s very open-world, meaning you can do whatever the heck you want. Recently, they added Runespan, which I think is a pretty good update. Yes, free players can access it, but they can only go to the first floor of the Runespan, and part of the second floor. There are three floors to Runespan.


Me and another player siphoning an Air Rune Node.

Runespan is a new RuneCrafting update, and it allows players to safely train their RCing skill very fast, but does not allow them to take their runes they create within the Runespan out of the Runespan. They will, however, still be rewarded for each rune, in the form of redeemable points, which can be used to get some cool stuff, including the Wicked Hood and Wicked Robes.

The game is a very enjoyable game, especially if you play it with friends, as it is an MMO, and that’s probably part of why you play it. You can do combat, crafting, smithing, mining, fishing, cooking, spelunking, trading, building, you name it.

Now, I do believe some of the features are restricted, and even sometimes heavily, by the Premium Membership system. Now, since I’m a member now, I’m no longer complaining of course, but there is some things that free-to-play players may really want, such as the Agility shortcuts.

Not that the free game isn’t absolutely enormous. It is. And if you really want, the membership is only 7.95 for a month, and you can get it in prepaid card form. I will be doing an in-depth look at the members features in part 3 of the RuneScape review.

Personally, I enjoy the game quite a bit. One thing that I would like would be WASD controls, but the point-and-click method works good for navigating complex places. I would prefer they have both, but it’s not always that bad. Another thing that can be annoying is Auto-Retaliate. It will get you killed if you forget to turn it off before going near high-level enemies.

The game features a pretty in-depth crafting system, and you’ll be able to make tons of different weapons and armor. If you want to make bows and arrows though, you’ll need to become a member, as the fletching skill is members-only. There is also ahugeamount of things you can cook, so being a chef is a very viable option.

That’s something else I like about the game. It’s so open that you can train any of the skills you want, or all of them. Sometimes, you’ll see notifications in the chat box that say a certain play has reached level 99 in all skills. Note: some skills let you level past level 99, some even going to 120. You’ll have plenty to do though, as it will take you alongtime to complete just one skill.

So, if you like leveling up and unlocking stuff as much as I do, you’ll be a happy player.

There is PvP, of course, in the form of the Forest, which is an open-PvP area. It’s kinda like playing EVE once you step into it, except for there are trees instead of planets and humans instead of giant Amarr and Gallente and Minmitar and Caldari ships trying to kill you. Hehehe. There is also clan warfare, which, you guessed it, is war between clans. Whoa. Surprise!

And, if you like to trade, the Grand Exchange is a great place to go. There is no requirements for your character to be able to trade, either. A few things I would like, personally, would be a price graph for comodities, and I think their trading restrictions, allowing you to only have so much of one item per order, and other small things, is unrealistic. It’s not EVE, and I hate comparing this game to EVE, because I don’t even like EVE that much. But EVE does have a somewhat reallistic economy, although not 100% realistic. EVE doesn’t have call and put options either. Yeah, my market knowledge blows your mind doesn’t it?

Anyways, you should try this game, because it’s free. And I know, every reviewer of a f2p game ever says that line, but in this case, you really should because you don’t need to download it.

Thanks, all of you readers. I’m getting around 15 views per day or more now, so thank you.


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