Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz: Free To P(l)ay

Yesterday, I downloaded Treasures of Montezuma Blitz. It’s a match three puzzler, that’s free, to an extent.

Now, many reviewers say that you can only play one game a day and all kinds of other things. Yesterday, I thought that you used up lives and jewels (the game’s currency) every game you play. Today, I figured out that your only loosing jewels when you have bonuses equipped.

So, since the developers don’t tell you anything about how the microtransactions work, I will. Basically, you have five lives, and one is used up every game you play. The lives will recharge after a minute or two. You can buy jewels and lives for real money, and there’s also a daily lottery type thing that gives you jewels too. If you use bonuses, each game a certain amount of jewels is deducted for each of your bonuses. It seems that level one of each bonus is usually about 150 jewels per game. The price is shown below the bonuses in the bonus selection screen.

Now, the game itself isn’t anything hugely unique. There are weekly tournaments to compete against your friends in. Basically, if you have some short periods in your day to play a few games, then it may be a good game for you. It will probably last you a long time. If you want something you’ll be able to play a bunch in long sessions, and not get microtransactions shoved up your donkey, then get Motorstorm RC. It’s completely free.


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