Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 8

Today, it’s time to try the new Runespan. First, I’m going to the air altar west of Varrock so I can get teleported there by a wizard. Aww darn, I forgot my Air Talisman. Hold on. Got it. Going back west. I talk to the wizard, and get teleported to the Wizard Tower to see wizard Finix. He has theories and thesis’ about runecrafting. To the Runespan! Purple portal time! Whoa. Tour time! Now I’m siphoning everything in sight! Ok, siphoning creatures looks really strange and vaguely disturbing. I’m using the force to suck tornadoes into my hands! Great, stranded yellow wizards. This is why you stop playing fantasy MMOs. I float across to another floaty island to find the yellow wizard. Siphoning Runespheres is fun! (kinda) whoosh fewww fewww feeewwww whoosh whoosh. Cool sound effects, huh?


It’s Treasure Planet, pretty much.


Thats a lot of magical twisters. SIPHON THEM ALL!

Darn it, camera screw up again. Reloading… nope, it’s really screwed up. I had this once before. Have to restart the entire thing because your keyboard gets stuck on typing in the url bar.

Back. Siphoning more air cyclones. Already have level 9 Runecrafting. Now level 10! This is fast! Almost another… Level 11! I have to admit, this is pretty cool. And in case you were wondering, yes, this is totally safe. But no, you cannot take the runes with you out of Runespan. You do get rewarded points for each rune which you can redeem for cool stuff.]

Also, I’m going to be writing a review on RuneScape, and the differences between premium member and free-to-play, which may give you an insight into if you should get premium membership or not. This post is short because I’m going to be starting on that right now, and I want to make it big.



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