RuneScape: May Madness

Tomorrow marks the first day of RuneScape’s May Madness, meaning premium members will start receiving really cool stuff. You will recieve an extra Squeal of Fortune spin every day; there will be big surprise updates every weekend; and if you’re a member all the way until the end of May, (I just wrote a rap) you will get 5000 Loyalty Points and an item that will double XP gained. I don’t know many details about that last part, probably skill specific. So grab a membership card in GameStop. (this is my preferred method, because it’s more secure and it’s easy, but you can pay with credit card too.) And for a month of premium stuff, I think it’s a pretty good deal for being only $7.95, because most MMOs are twice that. For 7 bucks you can get a huge bag of Snickers bars (not a bad choice :D) or this. You get a lot of stuff too, including being able to design and build your own player house, and access to six more skills plus a tons of quests and new loot. You also get six GE (Grand Exchange) slots, and all the bank slots you’ll ever need.

Also, be sure to check out my Dog Plays RuneScape! series, because it rocks. And if you want to read more of what I think about premium membership, check out my post “RuneScape: What Are You Getting For $0?”

Unrelated to this, the new game critic and author for Dog House Gaming Blog wrote her first review for this blog. It’s a review on Prototype 2. Be sure to check it out! She’s going to be posting reviews every weekend. So enjoy ’em! Also, sorry there’s no links, because writing from a PS Vita is a pain in the Daemonheim.


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