Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 7

Yesterday, I bought a Membership card in GameStop. I made lots of money, got iron armor and weapons, and got my agility up.

Today, I’m going to try my hand at construction, now that I’m a full member. I have a bunch of supplies, and can come get some more if I need to. I build a garden space, and I need more planks to build chairs in my parloure room. Back to Varrock. On my way north from the Varrock Lodestone, I chop down trees for planks. I also need marble for fireplaces, so maybe I’ll just buy some in GE. I don’t think I’m high enough level to mine marble. Also, my iron ore and old bronze armor sold today. Oh, and the urn. Now, to GE!


Home Depot helped with it.

Screw the marble. It’s freakin 130k. Well, if I get my construction skill up, I can just use limestone, which I can mine easy. Walking walking walking RUN RUN walking walking. I still need more agility. Great, a crash. Just what I needed to slow me down some more.

Back. Screw off mugger! I get to the mine, and I find out I can’t make limestone bricks yet. Fortunately, a very nice player makes them for me. I go to my house, and build a rug and three chairs. I need a construction level of 33 to make the limestone fireplace. I leveled up two construction levels, and I only have 30 levels to go! Fun! Now, I’m going to the dungeoneering tutor south-west of Taverly. Going to Demonheim!


Purple Planet People with Purple Pointy armor.



I killed this boss without even a scratch.

I walk around for twenty years until I find the tutor. Doy! Ok, have the Ring of Kinship now. Have to put all my stuff in the bank first. Here we go! And now, we wait……………………………………………………………………………..  Oh, it only took one second. Whoa, I get cool armor just for dungeoneering! Since I’m using melee, I’ll want Novite armor. K, now I’m killin’ spiders! Spider, I’m gonna screw your day up. Oooh ghost let’s kill it. Yay an altar! I don’t need it at all! I have the key for the Orange Shield door now. Whoa I has a lot of air and mine runes!


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