Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 6

Well, now that I can mine Rune essence, I go do that. It mines really fast too. Hmm, there’s a goblin harassing a dude in Lumbridge. Lets see whats going on. Goblin wants shiny. Whats new. Now I have to escort this dude who’s a soon to be gaurd to the graveyard.

Now I’m trying to locate the Air rune. I have to go north-west. I’m going to most likely end up in BF Egypt. I must be near it now ’cause I have to go south-west. Ah, found it. Probably that huge freakin glowing thing. Just so you know, it’s west-south-west from Varrock. Now I’m just exploring Varrock. Might visit the GE.

Visited the GE. Only have 15 Air runes, and there sold for 9 each.

I got a shootload of runes from a friend. Making bank now.

There’s apperently no where to smelt bars in Varrock, so back to Youtube. See you next time.



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