Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 5

Logging in to RuneScape. Yay, loading screen. Just finished watching a youtube video on the Cloak and Dagger for Spy in TF2. Trying to think about what I should do in RuneScape.  I’m still in the cave. Fine, I’ll kill orcs. A wizard robe. Great. Let’s look on the map. There’s a dungeon. I guess I’ll go there. There’s not really any stores here.

Holy munchkin! I can use the Lodestone network thingy. I’m going to Lumbridge! I guess there really isn’t a whole new world. There’s the same old places, which is a good thing. Hey, there’s a spinning wheel. Bow and arrow time. I used to go to this bank all the time. Good times. Running back down-stairs to go to the spinning wheel to spin some flax. Made a shortbow! Yay, more level up!


There he is

I’m trying to find the Duke, so I can do “Rune Mysteries” again. I did it with my previous character. There he is. So, I have to bring a talisman to a wizard in a wazard tower. I remember this. It’s in the swamps. There’s demons in the tower too I think.


Swamp Looks Cool, Huh?


Congrats, Random Dude. You made it on my blog.

Whoa, the swamp looks way cooler than it did before. And there’s a really cool mine with lots of good stuff.

C’mon! It crashed!

Ok, back. I go in the tower, head down into the basement, and talk to the head wizard. Gotta go to Varrock blah blah while blah then he’ll let me in on blah blah blah-blah greatest secret the world has ever known blah. Luckily, I can teleport to Varrock! Oh, nevermind. The lodestone isn’t active. I have 10 minutes to go all the way there. Ok, here goes nothing. It will take me near the grand exchange, though.

Hmm I remember this windmill. Okay keep going North. I’m unlocking soundtracks like they’re going outta style. Ooooh silver mine! I need mining level 20 though, which is two levels away. Sheesh.


Yup, there he is.

I made it! Have to go to south-east quarter and find Aubury.  Ah ha! There you are! I have no idea what language he’s blabbing in. Whoop, times up! Guess you’ll have to deal with… CLIFFHANGER. See you next time.


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