New Record, And New Author

Hello dear awesome readers. Blog wise, it’s been a really good day. The blog has beat it’s viewer count record for viewers in on day, with over sixty views! Also, a new author has joined the blog, paigeaddams, and he plans on writing weekly PS3 reviews. Hopefully, my real life buddy will join soon too. Just in case the title of this post freaked you out, because I know you all love me, I’m NOT stopping writing me blog. I’m just letting a new writer write. You’ll still have plenty of Dog to go around 🙂 Sorry my PSN account screw up kinda set me back some, hopefully I get another memory card while RC Motorstorm is still free. Hope all of you are enjoying my Dog Plays RuneScape series. Please let me know about it in the comments below.

Also, as you can imagine, I’m really excited to play Skyrim and Battlefield 3, and maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t played them quite yet, as I’ve heard they were and are really buggy. Hopefully they’ll have some good patches out before I get a PC. Thank you very much, awesome readers.

Also, hopefully I’ll be doing another Dog Plays RuneScape in an hour or so, so be ready for that. I had an idea for giving me feedback while I’m playing through Twitter if you guys think that sounds good. I’ll notify all the tweeps about when I’m starting the new DPRS. To keep it simple, how about the hashtag #dogplaysrunescape. Hope to see you there!


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