Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 4

Well, killing trolls. I also got a Bladestorm Cape! It increases some of my combat skills, mainly melee. Found my way out, now I’m going to level up my Crafting skill so I can make a full bronze helm. Almost full on iron and copper! Done. Now to go craft it into for million arrowheads.  Smelt smelt smelt smelt smelt smerf whoops typo. Ah screw it. Ooo a message: “You’ve just found a strange rock! Blah blah people in blah blah Varrock Museum would be blah interested in blah-blah. Looks like the next load should get me another level. I can make a full helm now!
Next, let’s get to level 11 for a chainmail platebody! More mine mine mine! Level 14 Mining skill! Two strange rocks! Great! Half way to next Mining level. Smelt smelt smelt. Level up! Back into the cave. I get another level up on Smelting.

Ok, I’ll come back later.  Getting bored. Let’s go up that mountain! Hmm, giant grumpy peacock doesn’t like wolves. Quest!

Shoot, I’m almost dead. Need food! Chop down trees! Fire! I found a random wooden brooch. DPRS 14 Now I can make lapiz lazuli brooches! Yay! I’m getting my arse handed to me, so I’m going to go mining again for armor. Tink tink tink more tink tink. Oop! Lapiz lazuli. More brooches. Darn it keyboard not working hold on 😡

Done! Now back to smelting. Only one and a half levels away from chainmail armor! Make that one! Yes! I made a bronze chainbody finally!

Darn it another crash! I’m trying to go to an archery shop but there’s a giant freakin mountain in my way. Dang it a wolf pack just eat me. You know what? Screw the archery shop.

Goodbye all see you next time!

Almost got killed by a troll on a ledge who threw a rock for 60 damage. Time’s about up too. Wanna kill some goblins in this cave first. Just enough time for one more orc!



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