Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 3

Guess what! I’m doing two DPRSs in one day! Let’s see how much I can do In 45 minutes!

I mine some more! Wee! DPRS Obby Course Smelt smelt smelt the ore! Now this blog is sounding like a kids book! Bonus points! Holy munchkin I can make a bronze sword even though I already have one I can’t use! Why am I using so many exclamation points!?!?!?! Who cares! Ok,  enough yelling. I’m trying to get my mining skill up so I can get a bronze full helm. I can make a scimitar next level. Maybe I’ll do that. Ok one load got me most of the way to level five. Sell the arrowheads and I’ll go get some more metal. The scimitar still isn’t better than my keenblade.

Oh, look! A sword shop! I make my way towards the sword shop, and find what basically is a midevil Wipeout obstacle course. Yay!
DPRS Obby Course

I’m getting my agility up, I’m getting my agility up. I beat it with only one fail. I get 46 coins and some agility XP. Now for the sword shop… It looks like I can only craft there, it isn’t actually a sword shop. That’s why it’s called a sword shop. That makes absolute sense! (Not) Down to fifteen minutes left.

Hmm I find a dungeon and a Distraction on the map, the latter I can do because I’m a premium member for 11 more days!

Helped fix a fortress being invaded by trolls. Now, I’m going in this cave.

I kill a few trolls. See you next time! Leave some comments!



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