Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 2

Well, today I start off by getting my mining skill up.  Tink tink tink tink LEVEL UP!!! Tink tink tink tink tink tink LEVEL UP!!! Yup.
Dog Plays RuneScape 3
I also helped a player while I was mining. I’m trying to get my crafting skill up so I can craft some awesome armor for killing stuff. I like to kill stuff. Maybe I can sell some too.


I’m playing one world 9 right now because you apparently get a 14-day free Premium Membership trial so you can try all the pay-to-play stuff. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ONLY GET TO PLAY FOR 14 DAYS!!! It just means you get Premium membership for that time.

Next, I go chopping wood, because my lapiz lazuli gems I cut say something about combining them with settings from wood chopping. Ok, looked it up on the wiki. I can make a brooch from it. Let’s go green! (not)

Oh, found out I can fletch bows while I’m a member. This 14 day Premium Membership trial is starting to work on me. DARN YOU JAGEX YOUR EVIL VIRTUAL MARKETING GENIUSES!!! Ok, lets find some flax so I can make some bowstring. Hmm just maybe it’s that GIANT flax field over there where I can get some.
Oh, and here’s what it looks like on FULL graphics because I’m only playing on MIN graphics because it lags if I put it any higher. Yeah, this PC isn’t that great, but it works.

Did some more crafting I can’t get to a spinning wheel to make string from the flax right now because I would have to go to Lumbridge. Got mining and crafting skills up more. Found out arrows arewaybetter to craft than crossbow bolts ’cause they give lot more money for selling them.

Ok, again this was another short Dog Plays RuneScape. See you next time.

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