RuneScape: What Are You Getting For $0?

This is something I’ve been thinking about since I started playing RuneScape again. Is it me or is there a lot of things free-to-play players are missing out on? How heavy are the microtransactions? Well, it’s not that it’s a bad game at all. Actually, it’s really nice that they keep it free. But anyway you look at it, it doesn’t feel like your missing out on something small by not giving out your money. RuneScape is the biggest free-to-play MMO, and I would think they would be able to have a less microtransaction filled game. They have a huge amount of players. Many other MMOs that are free-to-play have relatively light microtransactions, and they’re smaller. But maybe that’s why RuneScape is so big. They have the most players of any MMO and they have heavy microtransactions. But again, you have to give them credit for keeping it free.

Now, what exactly do you get for paying? Well, you get nine new skills, new things to do with the basic skills, additional methods of travel, and you
get probably about fifteen to twenty new regions to explore, compared to F2P’s three or four; mini-games, quests and of course tons of new items are also added.

Overall, I think your getting a large, quality multiplayer experience, although the experience that you’ll find being waved in your face quite often is twenty times the large quality multiplayer experience.

What are your opinions on this? Please leave some comments below.


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