Dog Plays RuneScape! Part 1

Well, I’ve just been doing the tutorial stuff for crafting and cooking and mining etc.  Yeah, I know. The action thrillride of the year. Probably going to follow a life of fighting/mining/trading like I did before. I thought the free part of the game was still pretty big, although compared to what subscribers get your little funland looks pretty small. It’s still a crazy huge game even if you play it free. I remembered that they have prepaid cards that you can buy at walmart though so I might get one of those if it turns out I have enough time to play very often.

Here is my awesome new character (Dog G6) with some armor I crafted. It does look like they actually have an entirely new world (again) which is kind of cool, except that I have to find the Grand Exchange all over again.

RuneScape Dog G6 2.0

Ok, as you can see below, I’m doing a quest where you have to put “fish bait” (maggots) in a pie, which you have to make, which you give to a guy who’s selling food to refugees at a really high price so the pie will poison him (not fataly) and then he’ll become sick and then I’ll break into his house and steal some papers out of a treasure chest and then I’ll put fake papers in there that supposedly say “give the food to the refugees for free” and then I complete the quest hopefully. *fweewwww* *inhales large breaths of air for a few minute* …Ok… lets upload the screenshots *wheasing* ok here they are.

RuneScape Journal 2

And that’s the end of the first Dog Plays RuneScape! Sorry It was a little short. I only played for an hour and twenty minutes, which didn’t get me past the starter area. Next time, hopefully we’ll get through the tutorials!

Do you play RuneScape? I’d be glad to let you join the Dog House team. (right now it consists of me, myself, and my favorite: I) Write some articles! Become famous(ish)! LOL. Please leave an example of your writing skills in the comments below. It can be anything from a review to a journal about RuneScape.

If you have any questions go to the support page or use Twitter Hashtag #doghelpsyou. Please tell me what you thought of this journal below! Give me some ideas!

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