Dog Opens Up About Blogging

Hello again, wonderful readers. Sorry I haven’t been able to totally provide daily posts or much of a schedule of anykind. It’s difficult to do because I’m very limited as to what I can do as far gaming goes, and I probably could do more posts, but most of them would end up extremely pointless. So I’m trying to balance quality and quantity on my posts, and until I get more games or a gaming rig, it’s going to remain difficult. Maybe I didn’t start this blog at the optimal time, but it did lead to the Super Stardust Delta Complete Guide and the still popular TowerMadness Ipad guides, which if I get another Ipad I might continue; and even my Minecraft Classic adventures and the Dog House Build Awards, the latter of which only one person was ever awarded. And I do plan on continuing these things, and hopefully really freakin soon before I lose my dang mind from lack of gaming. (hey, I try to be humorous while staying family friendly. And if you don’t think it could ever work, watch some Tobuscus/TobyGames and then shove it up your [insert non-offensive word here].) So, with the help of you readers — and that’s a big part of it, because I think every blogger, magazine and author will agree with me that if you don’t have readers, your blog’s goin’ down in [insert family friendly word here] — I’m going to keep persisting on this blog, no matter what path the universe takes.

The blog has grown steadily lately, and yesterday saw 4 new Twitter followers, which is about a 40% increase in followers for me in one day.

Also, I think blogging about Runescape will be a big help until the day I get the Maingear PC. Hopefully you guys don’t all totally hate Runescape and maybe since it’s such a huge MMO it will expand my audience greatly.

And, in case your wondering about my EVE art, yes, I used to play a small amount of EVE, just like I’ve played a small amount of everything else. Didn’t do much, mainly mining and trading and some fighting pirates, and I may play it again, it’s probably largely improved in the seven years or so I haven’t played it. But in no way am I fanboy of EVE, EVEn though (ha cool word trick there huh?) I do like the hardcore apsect about, but that aspect can also be seen as a downside in some ways. And no, that’s not a whiney reference to that something bad happened to me. I only EVEr died once if I did at all. (yeah, that’s how short of a time I played EVE.) But, for drawing purposes, EVEs spaceships do look pretty cool.

So, please leave some comments below, (and this time I really mean it) and tell me what you think about my blog, what you think about Runescape and anything else. Tell me if you already play Runescape and what you do. Also, to help with having posts often, I’m looking for writers who would also like to do Runescape articles or any other game. I do have a real life friend who may join the Dog House team soon, when he feels like it. And it’s not like I want to not play games and write about them. I started this blog so I could. I will try to get gaming stuff soon. Thank you all for your deep understanding.

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