Dog Plays Runescape For The 3rd Time!

Yeah, I used to play Runescape loooong time ago in a galaxy far far away. Yeah, I’m playing it again. I might continue playing it, as it’s one of the few good 3D browser MMOs. And it’s really big. And yeah, this is my third account. Forgot the other ones and I wanted a new one anyways to try out the new stuff and on the last account I got killed by a scorpion and lost my good armor and scimitar.

For you out there who don’t know what Runescape is, it’s probably the biggest browser MMORPG out there, and it’s been around for a while, so it’s a really big MMO for any kind of MMO. It runs off of Java, and it’s developed by Jagex. They do have big updates and every account I’ve made, theres always a whole new world pretty much. It’s free, although you can pay a monthly subscription of you want a ton of extra stuff, which I have never done because I’m not that much of a fan. Not that it’s a bad game.

Runescape also features a unique skill system, similar to Skyrim’s new skill system, except Runescape had the skill system years and years before Skyrim. Basically, you can level up any skills you want by doing actions that the skills govern (e.g. by mining you’ll raise your mining skill) and your not limited in any way by what skills you can raise. Train them all if you like. There’s a ton of them. There’s no classes or anything like that, so you make your own. The game does have a lot you can do. Mining, trading (I did both of those and made huge $$$ at the Grand Exchange) crafting, fighting, exploring, farming, cooking, spelunking, you name it. And there’s a lot of other players to do it with. And the game world is Huge. It’s an MMO you could play forever. That’s one thing I do really like about. I love unlocks and levelling up. I’ll keep playing if a game has a ton of those. There’s also big holiday updates which are huge and add seasonal quests and items.

Now, I don’t fancy the controls a huge lot, but they work. Actually, there’s some situations that they work better than other control methods, such as when you have to navigate huge confusing areas. Basically, you do every thing with, wait for it… Clicking! And a huge bonus to that is right clicking. I know, crazy right? although it does make ladders kinda annoying when theres a lot of them.

When you die, you lose your three most valuable items. Yeah, it sucks, but at least it’s not EVE, and it’s kind of cool that there’s some penalty for getting your arsenal kicked. That’s what happened to my last character. Scorpion that was high level in desert nom nom nomed my face. That’s where the banking (storage) system is extremely useful. You can use banks to store stuff and to check the status of your Grand Exchange sales.

The Grand Exchange is a huge market located north of the desert I got scorpion kinged in, although they may have changed the location since I last played it, but it wouldn’t make much sense for them to remake the entire world all the time. The G.E. is one of the activities I enjoyed quite often, and I made a huge ton of money selling clay that I mined and magical Runes. That’s how I afforded the epic armor and weapons I bought in the desert, which I also lost in the desert.

So, yeah. I may continue playing it if I feel like it. And I do recommend you try this game if you like open world stuff, and killin- I mean befriending other people 🙂 try it at

Also, My new character is Dog G6, so maybe I’ll see you in the game. If you have questions, please ask me on the Support page, located in the upper right corner, or use Twitter hashtag #doghelpsyou. Also, I just realized this post probably has the most italics of any of my posts! Yay. Do please leave some comments below, or follow me on Twitter @Dog_G6


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