Team Fortress 2: An FPS Like No Other

I’ve played a small amount of TF2 before it went free, but only a small amount. I plan on playing it again once I get a PC (yup, still don’t have one. Makes this blog extremely exciting doesn’t it?) and if you guys want, I’ll start a comic series on my blog, and maybe on deviantART. Please do leave a comment or tweet me regarding this. My Twitter account is @Dog_G6, and also make sure to follow me.

Ok, back to TF2. One of the things I like about it is it’s a very unique and original game. It’s a class base system just like many popular FPSs, but that’s not what makes it unique. What sets it apart is the classes themselves. There are nine different classes, with VERY unique playstyles for each. The classes are:

  • Marksman: this ones fairly straightforward. He is a sniper. You know, sniper rifles and even bows and arrows. Good for fighting from afar, but not so great close range.
  • Soldier: shoots rockets that can propel himself and enemies through the air. Also has a shotgun.
  • Scout: he runs really fast; double jumps;  beats people up with a bat; shotyuns your face; uses a pistol which is useful for when your not at close range.
  • Heavy: has a chaingun. He’s a bullet magnet, so if you play this class make sure you have at least one medic.
  • Engineer: can build defensive and supportive fortifications such as sentry turrets, teleporters and supply depots. Also has shotgun and rench.
  • Demoman: grenades, explosives, stuff like that. He likes those things. Very good against engineer weapons. He’s also scottish.
  • Medic: heals teammates and can also temporarily make them invincible.
  • Pyro: flamethrowers! He can deflect rockets and grenades and BBQ enemies. He can turn small buildings into dutch ovens.
  • Spy: can disguise as the enemy and temporarily become invisible. He has a deadly pistol and can backstab enemies. He’s also good against engineers.

One of the other things that set TF2 apart is it’s unique art style. It has a colorful cartooney style which makes it charming (you’ll see what I mean when you kill someone with explosives and they blow up all over the place) and easy to identify friend or foe. There are two teams in TF2: BLU and RED. Each game players join they choose a team. For game modes where there is an offensive and a defensive team, BLU will always be defensive.

This game is now free to play, with people who had bought the game before it turned free get a premium account, while new free players get a basic account which can be upgraded to premium. All you need to do is buy something from the store, which there are a lot of things which are about 20¢. Yeah, Valve is pretty reasonable with their microtransactions, especially considering all of the functional items like weapons are available to free players. I have not played TF2 after it has become free, but I’m sure it’s still pretty much the same game I had played a few times about one and a half years back, just with a lot more stuff. I would recommend trying this game, as it’s probably one of the highest quality multiplayer free FPSs out there. Unique gameplay, art style and classes all come together to form one of the most entertaining and original FPSs, nevermind best free one.


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